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Morbid or hyper-realistic?

All goodbyes and tears. Mixed emotions – excitement, fear, and sadness. And all I could think about were the lines on their faces. Marking them. Much like the circular markings on trees.

All I could think about was the impermanence of it all. Of degeneration. Of not being at all.

If life’s like a movie, then these intense thoughts really take you away from the main story and give you the aerial shot of the entire drama.

All I could think about was the passage of time in a fast forward mode where they would be dust again.

What’s the purpose of man on earth? Why live? The ancient texts say life is to be lived as one’s duty (to God) and every deed or action is to be performed with detachment. Then what’s the point of living? Isn’t it the biggest compromise? Refusing to feel. Refusing to believe the clear illusion.

All I could think about was death.

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  1. # Blogger Rohan D'souza

    Well, two things one, life is actually meaningless... like TS Elliot once said, and human beings really dont make sense... (it wont take a great thinker to say this).

    But the crux of this clearillusion, is the 'moment', the moment defines everything, it defines the past (what past implies, our preceptions of the past), the present(who we reallt are) and the future. The 'moment' moves with you, from you infancy to you childhood, to you adulthood and finally to your finaly days.

    The only truth to life is moment, everything else is meaningless. The moment defines everything..

    People tend to be lost in the hypnotical state of the moment, to escape whats around.

    There's no real god out there, there is no great door that leads to oceans of learning,... all you have is the momnent, to lead your way through the ClearIllusion  

  2. # Blogger Rohan D'souza

    i think we should pickup topic ... with cross blog links what say
    - here  

  3. # Blogger phreakv6

    Sad that i have to bring religion into this.
    But Karma doctrines have something quite contradictory to "life is to be lived as one’s duty (to God) and every deed or action is to be performed with detachment."

    do remember that "Religion is poison"

    Karmayoga is the way of ethical action. It says that the only way of life is the way of ethical action, that through it alone can man obtain happiness in his life. Action performed with detachment without interest in the fruit of action does not bind man to the world. The path of ethical action leads to prosperity, success, expansions and sound policy.  

  4. # Blogger sou

    It's the very emphasis placed on living life in a way that does not "does not bind man to the world" that I have a problem with...

    why shouldn't we be lost in life's maya? why should it lead to so many "negative" consequences?  

  5. # Blogger phreakv6

    It is just like a journey between two points.The journey starts at birth and ends at death.You can either choose to sleep all the way in the bus or keep ur eyes open and enjoy the scenic beauty.
    This is the differance between living life without bothering to do anything with it coz its anyway gonna lead to death and choosing the karmayoga way and reach the destination with glory.  

  6. # Anonymous sonie

    the biggest challenge of living is to look into the eyes of life and live it, the way it is. it may seem fultile to struggle or go through pain. it may not fetch u anything in the end...but theres a lot u tend to miss out before the end...by thinking of death u r giving up too soon.  

  7. # Blogger Rohan D'souza

    I guess Religion and Spirituality are different things. Religion is more focussed on making rules, what should be and what should not be.

    What you should wear, to whom you should speak, what you should eat. And most of all what should be focus of your life. These would only create a type of human being who can be manipulated by others.

    Spirituality on the other hand begins with exploring the self and then the others. No wonder all the actual beginners of religion were free minded folks (buddha, jain, saibaba, gurnanaka, christ etc etc). While the resultant followers wanted to control others and hence put the many do's and dont's.

    The watchword is, the thin line between thyaga, which actually makes you feel better (to let go), then the rules of religion that compel you to undergo sufferings.

    Death never happens, and life never begins. You never felt the first tingle of consciousness, and you will not feel the last bit of it, as life ebbs out of you.

    You will just pass from one state to another, just like you were not aware when you did, you will not be aware when you cease to be.  

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