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The Day the Mask Fell Away...

She was sure this was the day. Nobody could blame her.. she had tried this time really tried .. hard. It was inevitable. That's what it was.

The eyes! They went first. The others..they could see her eyes. Soon they would smell the mask falling away. She had to escape. She had to get away from prying eyes, from the dripping pity. People everywhere. No place to hide.. to change.. to let the mask slip away and to let all the falsity out. She felt like screaming.. .she could feel the scream building.. no.. she couldn't let it all go like this.

One last place to run .. one last place .. she could only hope. People blocking her path, intensifying the hate, ripping the mask away faster. No! She had to get there in time. A few more stairs.. willing her legs to go faster.. almost there.. out the door.


She sunk to her knees. In gratitude. She ripped the mask away and set herself free.

I wish I knew them..

Grandparents... I really wish every future generation knows as many generations before them as possible.

Think about it... your existence is a freaky coincidence if you consider the fact that somebody made a decision to marry somebody else ...beget an offspring who came together with another such a chosen one and brought you into this world! Sheesh.. wonder what probability would have to say about all our existences..

Just like I want to know and shape my future generations, I wish I knew my ancestors so I could appreciate them for the individuals they were.

Sadly all I know about my grandparents can be summarized in a few lines..

My (maternal) gramma - shy, extremely affectionate, never raised her voice even to discipline her kids, was very interested in politics and cricket :)

My (maternal) grampa - stylish, worked for the Maharaja of Mysore, knew french and visited france, very kind, happiest when left alone to tinker with his car, never raised his voice even to discipline his kids

My (paternal) grampa - always used to feed all his kids from his plate and ate after he was satisfied that his kids were fed well, extremely stubborn and dignified

My maternal gramma - very efficient and fast with all her house work


What have you been recently?

I'm a witch who has the powers of a sorcerer :) Oh! and I've also been the only female werewolf and I could kickass (..and they wonder why crappy fiction sells so well!!) Some other things I've been include a philosopher/saint, a poet, an autistic 15 yr old boy, and a Kashmiri assassin!

What have you been recently?

Venus Vs. Mars #1

What is it with men and communication?!

Apart from having a huge database of monosyllabic replies and grunts, they don't pay any attention to any conversation unless its something that interests them where they can dominate the conversation.


RUDE..as in.. socially incorrect in behavior, lacking in refinement civility or good manners.

What goes thru their mind anyway.. that some sounds strung together if remotely related to the hazy main topic of conversation must make sense and satisfy the unfortunate female talking to them???

And they wonder why we women "analyse" each conversation so much!! well... I guess coz we expect a conversation to have a logical beginning, middle, and an end and we are left flabbergasted why the seemingly intelligent man has so much trouble following a simple linear progression of ideas/opinions/statements.


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