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Qaleidoscopic Questions

Black <> White – Opposites

Water <> Ice – Same Matter Different Physical States

Rock <> Tree – Dead Energy Living Energy

Objects <> Thoughts – Living Energies on Different Planes of Existence
What if we had exact opposites to our personality and existence, as there is a converse for everything in nature?

What if we have a complementary self? An exact reflection. What if we are the reflection of some other self in existence?

Would any change in me cause a similar change in all my multiple selves?

So did somebody get weak in existence without knowing why when I found that extra spurt of strength? What if all my selves have only one sum total energy that we can share between us?

Will any of my multiple selves be of a different gender?

What would happen if one of my multiple selves committed suicide? Would the rest of my selves get more life energy to share? Or would all my selves be penalized for the “Sin”? Would a new birth of a self occur then? Is there a rule that each group of selves should have a required number of existences?

If time is an illusion of space do we all exist in the same “now”? What if all the selves attained heightened sense of awareness about each other? Can we all reach nirvana at the same time by focusing all the energies at once?

And if each of the “Me”s live and interact with other “You”s how many basic “Me”s and “You”s are actually in existence with all others being part of the self group? How many basics? How many basic colors? How many basic essences… individuals (with countless self groups)?

Can I put this thought to rest by boiling it all down to two basic energies with everything a reflection of it? Of Male and Female? Can I further call them two halves of the same and attribute us all to God?

Did I get the expression of the equation right?

Court jester, the hypothalamus

hypothalamus (small part of the brain)= regulator of emotions

modern days = T.V = regulator of emotions

olden days = court jester = regulator of emotions

court jester = hypothalamus

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