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I can't believe my blog so far doesn't have a post about food! I mean.. somebody give me an award or something! :)

I was just thinking of all the memories associated with specific candies. I've listed some of the sweet treats that are an integral, inseparable part of my childhood.

10 paisa chocolate
This was a coconut + some beige chewy thing that wasn't caramel confection. It was wrapped in a transparent paper with white lettering. People would come home and surprise us kids with this. yumm..

KaLLekai peppermint
Candied peanuts. White and red. Always fought for the red ones. Usually ran from the shop to the park and settled there on the bench for a good hour relishing some 15 odd candies.

Sweet cigarette
They were all white and chalky to taste. Had a red colored tip (to imitate a lit ciggie). We were an ultra cool gang with a ciggie in each tiny mouth. And ofcourse there was the added bonus of licking the red end and applying the color on our lips.
A ciggie + a candy + a lipstick... how can any kid not like that!

A small cardboard box with a joker's smiling face on one side and when you pull a piece of the box the joker's face would open and tiny red candy balls roll out! Awesome! The joker face was a li'l scary (I used to be scared of all jokers and clowns more of that here... but it had candies inside.. so I guess I got over it) :) I didn't like the color of my hands after eating them though. A weird red/pink. blechh.. :(p

Tamarind balls.. *droooooool* The best part of any summer was stealing into the kitchen, opening the box of tamarind, getting salt, sugar, spice and mixing them in the right proportion and dividing it carefully among the drooling lot. We'd wait for the mixing and dividing expert with small sticks in our hands. The balls go on the sticks and woo... it's pure bliss for the next hour.

So.. what did you grow up on my dearies?

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