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We've finally done it ladies and gentlemen!! Won't you put your hands together for we have all now reached a fantastic milestone!

First ofcourse, we paid for water... then we exceeded our own expectations and sold each other dung and waste products for a very good discounted price.

Then came oxygen bars.. very pricey affair indeed .. but pure air is such precious commodity nowadays one can hardly blame us for charging a good price for fresh air.

But now... my god! ..now ...we have smashed all records!! Now you can buy yourself some good old fashioned "helping hands" and "humanity" for prices as low as Rs.15* !!

Can't believe it?! Why then read on...

* Prices are subject to change. Conditions Apply.

FWD: Factory!

I wonder where fwds are generated....

Is there a run down building in the middle of nowhere where "all the lonely people" belong...where they are hired to create fwds?

And do they set it rolling and see how far it goes?

Do they get performance appriasals based on how far it reached (in terms of geography) or how many times it got sent to the same ppl over and over again till they killed themselves or maybe the parameter is how long the fwd floated... some people probably thought they have finally seen enough of a particular forward when !BAM! its hits them again two years later... (probably what made them kill themselves!) And will this be called reusability in that dingy factory?


To express emotion with logic
To temper irrational impulses with reason
To nurture creativity with structure and discipline
This be the true challenge and true success

Bring on the blues...

Read an interesting article about how we humans tend to adapt quickly to happiness, taking things which make us happy for granted, thereby ensuring they don't make us so happy anymore. The same article also states that we react to sadness and other negative emotions through our primeval brain. So having survived the trauma of evolution, we still seek or rather are comfortable with negative emotions.

So should we treat entire humanity for PSTD?? (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

What I Said

Could I be the sparrow
that plays blissfully in
the scattered dust of
the street manure
in the fading light of
the evening
intoxicated with
the fragrance of
the apple blossoms
that part from the tree so sweetly.


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