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We've finally done it ladies and gentlemen!! Won't you put your hands together for we have all now reached a fantastic milestone!

First ofcourse, we paid for water... then we exceeded our own expectations and sold each other dung and waste products for a very good discounted price.

Then came oxygen bars.. very pricey affair indeed .. but pure air is such precious commodity nowadays one can hardly blame us for charging a good price for fresh air.

But now... my god! ..now ...we have smashed all records!! Now you can buy yourself some good old fashioned "helping hands" and "humanity" for prices as low as Rs.15* !!

Can't believe it?! Why then read on...

* Prices are subject to change. Conditions Apply.

2 Responses to “Flat Discount Rate - Buy Humanity at the best and lowest price ever!!!!”

  1. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    Samaria must be Utopia...don't you think?  

  2. # Anonymous Pez

    Oh my God!! Could we go any lower than this?!!  

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