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3 nights 2 days

back pack - check

energy food and water - check

nice scenic slightly hard to climb mountain - check

mood - excited, anxious, spaced out, readiness

I wish I could bookmark my thoughts

Today I woke up as the idealist.. since morning I have only been seeing idealistic solutions in action or have been thinking them.

I have had many ideas which I thought were worth thinking about at a later time.. unfortunately my memory retention/retrieval sucks. So here is an idea I'm expressing to mostly to myself. It's crazy, it's foolish, it's mine. Of course you are free to comment. Please be kind.


Alternative source for energy

For sometime now I've been thinking about child labour and how passing a law that prohibits children from working is not the best solution.. coz some kids really need the money to survive.


So then I was thinking of this ideal office building where there is no AC and its built in such a way that natural ventilation provides enough cooling effect. I was also thinking of plan B should it turn out to be summer and should the people want more cool air..

If plan B involved too much electricity then it would contradict the original purpose.. so I thought we could employ kids to fan us :))

then I went back to the child labour problem..

Taa daaa!!

What if we could generate electricity by employing children to do what they do best... play! we could ask them to play cricket and swing and play on a seesaw! Isn't there anyway that we can link up this mechanical energy and convert it to electrical? [is there any ethical/moral problem in generating electricity through kids this way?]

Imagine an alternative energy centre where you can get batteries charged, hell if enough kids are "employed" we could even think of supplying electricity to a small town!

Yes, I realize I dunno shit about producing electricity and the practical problems and logical loop holes in this, but what the hell I thought it was a damn good idea to indulge in for the morning

so :p

Thought showcase - exhibit #4

here's is something i would love to know more about -

"I suspect that the great majority of middle-class Indians are not particularly averse to homosexuality, provided that gay couples carry on discreetly. A similar outlook can be found in the small towns of southern United States, where gay "roomates" are allowed to live together without excessive scutiny. The comedian Russell Peters often quips that a good family background would be important to Indian parents of same-sex partners. "

~ so said Vikram

Has the World Ended Before?

I'd been thinking of posting obscure stories from Indian mythology for sometime now and inspired by pagan temple's post I started hunting down one story I'd read in a comic book.

In that story, the evil Asuras (demons) are granted a boon and they build cities. They are built such that, city #1 is always stationary and bound to the ground, city #2 is stationary in the sky and city # 3 was a free floating city that could travel great distances very fast. The cities, when separate and not aligned, were absolutely indestructible.. thanks to the master artistry of heaven's architect, Vishwakarma.

As can be expected, drunk on power with illusions of invincibility, the demons start terrorizing earth and humans. Lord Shiva is called upon to stop them by using his powerful (nuclear?) weapon. The Devas (Gods) plot and manipulate events such that the three satellite cities are forced to align one above the other for just a few seconds within which Shiva destroys them.

Humans are saved. Devas are happy. Asuras are dead. End of story? Not quite! Coz when was searching the net for this story I came across so many descriptions of space crafts, stealth bombers, missiles and all in ancient Indian texts that ppl today consider as part of mythology. Gah!


In the Vedic literature of India, there are many descriptions of flying machines that are generally called Vimanas.

According to Dr. Vyacheslav Zaitsev: "the holy Indian Sages, the Ramayana for one, tell of "Two storied celestial chariots with many windows" "They roar like off into the sky until they appear like comets." The Mahabharata and various Sanskrit books describe at length these chariots, "powered by winged lighting...it was a ship that soared into the air, flying to both the solar and stellar regions."

'Vymanika Shastra' he said the ancient flying devices of India were made from special heat absorbing metals named 'Somaka, Soundalike and Mourthwika.' He said the text also discussed the seven kinds of mirror and lenses installed aboard for defensive and offensive uses. The so-called 'Pinjula Mirror' offered a sort of 'visual shield' preventing the pilots from being blinded by 'evil rays' and the weapon 'Marika' used to shoot enemy aircraft 'does not seem too different from what we today called laser technology,' he said.


I have read another book "Cave of the Ancients " by T.Lobsang Rampa a Tibetian lama. In this book, he describes a cave near Tibet which is guarded coz it holds secrets of an ancient technologically advanced civilization.

What I don't understand is why people don't talk about these things more or experiment with the things known to prove or disprove them.

why the indifference?

why why whyyyy...

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