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Flyn high... flyn low...

The comfort of living on auto pilot..

Why should only life have the right to be monotonous and just 'be' there and yet go nowhere.. this is how I get back at life..

.. the joy of living on auto pilot..

Sleepoholics Anonymousya

sleeeeeeeeeep....... me wants to .. sleeeeeeeeeep...

feel like tom (of tom and jerry fame) who tries to keep his eyelids from drooping by propping them with toothpicks..

  • wanna sleep on a warm cozy bed with fluffy pillows

  • wanna sleep on the dewy grass so i can stare at the clouds passing by when i open my eyes a little

  • wanna sleep on my gramma's lap and luxuriate in the feel of her saree against my cheek

  • wanna sleep on the desk in a classroom where dusty sunlight would filter in and tell you its seista time

wanna sleep.....


We are so used to hearing good things about ourselves that we start craving to hear more of them just to affirm that those good things are indeed a true picture of our self. Once in a while when life does give us a dose of bitterness.. we strive hard to sweeten it. Can't we ever learn to take the bitterness as just another taste?

Why is it easier for us to accept the flaws in others and make space for it in our lives and yet we are so intolerant of our own flaws that we do not even want to acknowledge their presence?

Ego - truly is an invincible defense ...it does sometimes become.. a cross we bear.

Reality... shaken and stirred ...God?

Across civilizations, time, space, people have tried to realize something higher than themselves by trying to alter what is accepted as common consensus reality.

Why is it easier to believe in God when your not 'normal'?
  1. Submerging in cold water = being born anew. Baptism, ganga nahana, morning prayers in water.
  2. Masochistic acts = finding pleasure in pain, making oneself pure for god. Flagellation, walking on coals etc.
  3. Repetitive movements = lulls you into a state of higher consciousness. Twirling (sufi saints), raising one's hands/clapping/and moving one's body up and down or side to side
    (most common whether its bhajan mandalis or zealous afro church prayer group)
  4. Consuming mind-altering substances
  5. Starving oneself
  6. Isolating oneself for long periods of time (especially in cramped small places)

The list goes on...

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