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Homeward Bound

||Yoga of Imperishable Brahman|| Said Arjuna: "O Purushottama, what is that Brahman, What is Adhyatma (inner Self) and what is karma ? What is said to be Adhibhuta (the primeval being ) and what is referred to as Adhidaiva (the Supreme Deity)?"

Said Lord Supreme: "Indestructible and beyond all is Brahman. Ones own self is called Adhyatma. The cause behind the creation of all the beings is called karma. Adhibhuta is by nature destructible. The Purusha (the Manifested Supreme Self) is Adhidaiva. And certainly I am Adhiyagna in the body, O best of the embodied.

Always thinking of the Creator, the Ancient, the Ordainer, One who is smaller than the atom, the upholder of all, the unthinkable (beyond thought).....

....At the time of death, with unwavering mind, engaged in devotion, by the strength of Yoga, establishing the prana (breath) completely between the two eye brows, he attains the Divine and transcendental Personality of Brahman.


How did the meaning of all this part from my soul? That I need words today to search for the meaning of something so deep within me and within all.

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