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back in the land of the living dead

was sick for a bit. back now. tagged by the kid.

9 fav scenes in no particular order.

1. 8 mm - Nicholas Cage has just bludgeoned the bad guy to pulp using the butt of a pistol and he comes home, sees his infant son sleeping like an angel and he can't deal with the sudden beauty of it and just breaks down.. bawling.

2. pink floyd the wall - This boy goes to the play area in a park and watches a dad play with his son. He yearns for the touch of a father. He also joins in the play and pretends for a while that he is his father. Finally when the father is leaving with his son.. the boy runs up to him and holds his hand and is repeatedly pushed away.

3. before sunset - the scene in the car where they finally strip away all the niceties and their souls communicate the anguish, regrets, anger.. has a natural and spontaneous feel to it...superb acting. Oh and the ending.

4. amistad - final court scene

5. 1947: earth (hindi) - final scene with nandita das being dragged and aamir shown with a grin.

6. kung fu hustle - the buddha cloud in the climax :) oh and the intial dance .

7. viruddh ( hindi) - the scene in the park where Amithab (who has recently lost his son) sees the laughter club ppl and makes a pathetic attempt to join them bleats out "ho ho ho.. ho ho ho.."

8. the truman show - climax.

9. notting hill - the laaaaaast scene with her lying on his lap in the park.. somehow have always felt that made the most perfect picture of a happy, contented life.

Just realized that i'm so not attached to scenes in movies.. these are just random scenes that floated into my brain when writing this post.. i'm sure if i wrote it yesterday or tomorrow you'd be reading a totally different list.

BNP Action Heroes Update

A bit late but an update nevertheless

How was the intervention?

How many people turned up?
Almost 30! that's what made it gooood.

How was it different this time?
We are slowly learning what works best and what doesn't. The more interventions i go to the more i understand my own perspectives and thoughts about things. They are changing slowly and are becoming more in tune with what Jasmeen wants to achieve through BNP.

What needs to change?
It was heartening to see a good number of male volunteers. But we seemed to work as two different groups raising awareness for the same cause. This needs to change. We need to work together as a team. We women who are on 'performance mode' are asked what BNP is and what we are trying to do through it by people . The men can take over the explaining and complement our non-verbal action with their facts and details.

probably why i am the way i am..

some rhymes i grew up hearing -

Rock a bye baby on the tree top,
When the wind blows the cradle will rock,
When the bough breaks the cradle will fall,
And down will come baby, cradle and all.

I'm sure I had very sweet dreams when i fell asleep listening to this.

Goosey, goosey, gander,
Whither shall I wander?
Upstairs, and downstairs,
And in my lady's chamber.

There I met an old man
Who wouldn't say his prayers!
I took him by the left leg
And threw him down the stairs.

..and prayers are a must! didn't you know? oh also, if you are old then you are vulnerable to people who'd want to hold you by your left leg and throw you down the stairs and you deserve it coz you don't say your prayers dammit!

Piggy on the railway
Picking up stones
Down came an engine
and broke piggy’s bones.
’Aah’ said the piggy
’That’s not fair’
’Oh’, said the engine driver
’I don’t care’.

Wowie! Life education! a gentle initiation into the school of hard knocks.

Which rhymes did you grow up listening to?

BNP Action Hero

Hooray! It's time for me to take out my dusty 'ol cape again and go make the world a better place. I'm gonna knock 'em down with my stare, make them understand and respect personal space through my forcefield, and make an impact on their consciousness by just being there! Yeah baby this blank noise thing sure is grooovy!

ok.. teeny bopper energy aside,

The day: Nov 12, Sunday
The place : India Coffee House, M.G. Road
The time : 4:30 pm
The agenda : weeeelll.. now we don't want the bad guys to know all our secret plans now do we?

bringing the teeny bopper energy down and increasing the adult tone of serious matters..

men who harass women on the streets need to know it's not so easy anymore and women who get harassed need to know it's not sth "normal" that they should treat with indifference and silence. General public needs to know sth is being done about the issue of harassment on the streets and that they can help too.

So are you gonna be there?

P.S. - And for those of my (i dunno what word to use here)________ readers who actually thought "err.. so are you like.. a feminist?", read the passage below:

Who we are, where we go, what we wear, how we sit, stand, talk, walk in our very own cities. When we demand the need to make our cities non threatening , I don't expect anyone to think of me as their sister or mother, but to really look at women as citizens who have every right to be out on the streets, without any explanation. Sometimes we just love to walk, stand around, hang around, without looking 'available.'

If you still think it means I am a feminist then go ____________ (choose your fav method, get creative now.. don't be shy) and rid this world of your useless existence.

P.P.S. - I'm talking about the term "feminist" as spoken by people as a derogatory term used for women who "hate" the male species. I don't think any gender should hate any other gender as a whole.

Thought showcase - exhibit #6

True Birth

In life there many instances where you are created, there is the biological creation, the point of consciousness, the point from which a life greater than your own is created within you (applicable only to women) and finally when a dream manifests itself in to reality and a new you is created. For many this is their true birth.

~ mcx

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