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Thought showcase - exhibit #6

True Birth

In life there many instances where you are created, there is the biological creation, the point of consciousness, the point from which a life greater than your own is created within you (applicable only to women) and finally when a dream manifests itself in to reality and a new you is created. For many this is their true birth.

~ mcx

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  1. # Blogger mcx

    :) this feels a bit odd but i am flattered that you think my words worth mention.  

  2. # Blogger sou

    well.. if you are not so comfortable with positive feedback you could always try thinking that these words are not actually yours.. they just happened to be expressed through you :)  

  3. # Blogger mcx

    Au Contraire! The idea may not solely be my own but the words must remain enslaved to me and I to them.

    PS:I am comfortable just being humble :).  

  4. # Blogger autogato

    I like this idea. It suggests that we can be reborn several times in life - each time we develop a new sense of inner vision and purpose and desire and dream. I like that.

    I'm waiting for one of those rebirths right now. Right now it's like I'm just "going through the motions" on some days. I know it's temporary. Thanks for reminding me that there can be rebirth. I appreciate it. You've done a lot tonight w/ just that for this sad little soul.

    Thank you.  

  5. # Anonymous theanalogkid

    i like to think of them as transformations than creations. i know there is nothing interesting in thinking that way but it kinda keeps the sanity in check. also because you use the term "birth" when you want to blame/thank god for something that happened and "transformation" when you played a big part in it.  

  6. # Blogger fondfire

    I have really never had a point in my life where I felt truly "born again." (A loaded phrase here in the American South, which is usually about evangelical religion than more secular/personal life events, but still . . .) I've always felt a lot of continuity with what came before. I've never had a break-away moment that I felt truly made me into a new being of some kind, or brought me into existence in a new way.

    This may be a major reason why you and I seem to have some fundamental differences in perspective, sou. :-)  

  7. # Blogger sou

    @ autogato - i'm sending the sad little soul some nice happy thoughts

    *sending happy thoughts*

    there! :)

    @ kid - hmm.. right you are! that's deep.. and a good addition to mcx's thoughts. cool.

    @ fondfire - i don't think anybody can break away from or truly change who they are.. they can probably change their perspectives but i don't think people can become different ppl. nope. i don't think so. so yeah i guess continuity would be there.. but so would the "new" feeling :)) i'm not making any sense am i?  

  8. # Blogger mcx

    I believe that the distinction of birth and transformation is not the lack of continuity, it is the intensity of the change and what it entails. I mean in essence it can be argued death is again just a build up to another birth and vise versa. Transformation also carries with it the wisdom/baggage of the past self where as birth is a fresh start, more than just a shedding of old skins. of course the kid has placed it dot on about how we chose to use those words but the reason I personally chose the words was because there was a sense that the current me needed to die to be able to inflict the change or the change will eventually kill me. (not suicidal by the way) it was an expression of an emotion and thus melodramatic as most emotions are when allowed to wander beyond our hearts.  

  9. # Blogger fondfire


    I guess I'm thinking of being reborn as a kind of . . . Well, as a necessarily positive experience. I can't think of anything like that that was a positive. I can think of a handful of experiences like that for me that were negative. <shrug>


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