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Something's right with the world today

Wednesday morning. I'm happy. I have no clue why. It could be because:

  • a very close friend is getting married
  • i'm in training (as opposed to working) and doing well
  • i'm going for the aerosmith show
But if I had to be truthful I've had plenty of times in life when I had reasons to be HAPPY but have not really felt like being happy. And there have been times like today when I feel amazing. If life was an MMORPG this would be when the character that plays "you" obtains the happiness bubble. 100 points to you! :)

In my typical style I blame everything on the hormones..

feeling blue? these damn hormones
feeling great? hmm.. must be the hormones
feeling like killing someone? kissing someone? some country was bombed? damn.. these hormones

Kinda makes you think doesn't it? We choose to be blue.. then again maybe its just genetic.

Must.. Blog.. Now..

*phew* finally!

Why have we all stopped blogging? I ask all my fav blogger buddies to take on this question and answer it with the most creative excuses they can come up with. My excuses:

  1. I forgot English for a bit
  2. Some cute minimousyas abducted me and made me their goddess (idea courtesy ice age II)
  3. The author of my life was out on a smoke break

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