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Must.. Blog.. Now..

*phew* finally!

Why have we all stopped blogging? I ask all my fav blogger buddies to take on this question and answer it with the most creative excuses they can come up with. My excuses:

  1. I forgot English for a bit
  2. Some cute minimousyas abducted me and made me their goddess (idea courtesy ice age II)
  3. The author of my life was out on a smoke break

7 Responses to “Must.. Blog.. Now..”

  1. # Blogger plush

    cos i go blank when i try to blog.....
    am tryin to give so much importance to all the buzz in my head....
    cos...cos..cos...i don't know....  

  2. # Blogger plush

    ok..it was...am tryin NOT to give...
    see..thats y i hav stopped...  

  3. # Anonymous theanalogkid

    Must.. Comment.. Now..

    did the blog strangler get to u too?  

  4. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    sumthing to do with this new blogger beta....i preferred blogger mama...beta is a bad son...

    im hoping switching back to the old template helps...  

  5. # Anonymous mcx

    Hope this answers your call.

    1) I have changed my religion; my newly adopted faith considers blogging unholy.

    2) I really really had to pee and there was a long line..

    3) My hand was playing truant on my brain

    4) The voices in my head were not speaking to me anymore

    5) I was afraid my keyboard was trying to kill me

    6) I was up in the Himalayas, meditating on the meaning of my toe nail.

    7) I had amnesia and woke up thinking I was a sane socially functional human being

    8) I had a manicure and didn't want to ruin my nails.

    9)My dog ate my computer, I ate my dog

    10) I was on an inward journey to find my true self, got lost and couldn't ask anyone for directions.

    11) Was being held captive against my wishes by my room.

    12) I was fighting a loosing battle with my brain cells, pent on making me an idiot.  

  6. # Blogger sou

    @ plush - yeah trying to get away from the blankness monster

    @kid - blog strangler.. hmm.. interesting.. looks like the strangler's been busy

    @ tq - whatever it takes to get into the blogging groove again!

    @ mcx - The voices in my head were not speaking to me too!! They are still not. :(

    wow you've really done a good job with the excuses. now get over it and go blog willya :p  

  7. # Blogger fondfire

    Because I don't have the money to visit my friends in India any time soon and that can be deeply depressing. (Wah!)  

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