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*tickle tickle*

When was the last time you laughed?

No. Not smiled. Laughed. Laughed till your tummy ached. Laughed till you continued laughing coz you just couldn't stop.

Do you even remember what has the power to make you laugh like that?

A few days ago, I was asked by somebody to laugh loudly and uncontrollably so she could shoot it on film for a project she was working on. I tried. I tried hard and failed. I just couldn't laugh and what's worse I got depressed coz it'd gotten so hard to laugh. It wasn't till I spent some time with my cousin that I realized I still could get silly and laugh really hard. I'm so grateful for her existence in my life and that I have given her the power to make me laugh.

I'm still a li'l shaken up that I can't laugh. It feels like life crept up on me when I wasn't looking and stole my silly/goofy times and my ability to laugh uncontrollably. Grrrr....

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  1. # Blogger plush

    :)..someone's bac...nope...its not like u can't laugh...mebbe its cos u r actually laughing inside all the time....(its one of those realisations which had all of us laughing....in our team meetings..)...or mebbe its comments like these which "stole" away ur giggles....umm...yea... ignore and keep blogging sou....(not my day...naah...)  

  2. # Blogger autogato

    A good episode of Family Guy usually does it for me - I often times laugh until tears come to my eyes. It is such a crazy show.

    I was reading that there are groups of women in India that get together and laugh - like a class meeting, except, it's a laughter meeting. They laugh and laugh and laugh, and it is really good for their health!  

  3. # Anonymous Subbu

    u like south park ?  

  4. # Blogger sou

    @autogato - family guy.. hmm.. haven't heard of that show. oh the laughter clubs..my god i haven't been part of somethign more depressing. I tried it once but the urge to cry and wail (loudly at that) when tryign to laugh was so strong that i steered clear. also i find it so artificial.. naah that won't work for me :(

    @subbu - yeah! good idea! i've been wanting to see it for a long time now! but i want to create/experience situations in life that can give me that laughter release. guess south park will have to do for now.  

  5. # Blogger fondfire

    Laughter clubs? Intriguing . . .

    I can never predict what will make me laugh like that, and rarely who will. (Nobody I see often these days.) Like you, I used to laugh like that a lot more when I was younger. (Autogato met me during days full of laughter and mirth (and maybe a little too much boundry pushing).) I think some of it really is age. Almost every other species of mammal looses nearly all playfulness after reaching maturity  

  6. # Blogger fondfire

    I'm not sure why I published that. I'm not quite finished . . .

    Anyway, we're lucky to retain a lot of our playfulness throughout life (albeit, less so than with children), and I do miss those times, but being more reflective and less mirthful doesn't really depress me any more.

    The happiness of children is the happiness of somebody who is well-entertained, distracted, amused, and actively made a little manic. The happiness that comes closer to mid-life (if it comes), and that comes in old age, seems more like a deep contentment. That deep contentment is deeper and more lasting and more happy (if not more exciting) than the happiness of youth, which requires so much effort and energy and active entertainment. The happiness of a mind at peace doesn't burst out laughing quite so readily, but is very real.

    So, don't worry about it. You're a little more cynical and a little less amused, perhaps, but also more realistic and less prone to disappointment over small things. This goes hand-in-hand.

    And besides, you may be surprised what starts to give you the giggles in time . . .  

  7. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    oh no! ur laugh box is broken!! (that funda is not mine..its from spongebob) apparently ur laughbox breaks when you laugh to much...and then you run out of laughter.

    hmm...nah..i cannot imagine YOU losing ur ability to laugh...maybe ur laughbox prefers to be on the 'giggle' or 'smirk' mode..which aint all that bad!

    or maybe u just need to meet ME more often.


    yeah ok..i'll shaddup  

  8. # Blogger frissko

    thats kindof a daily ritual..it helps to be around weird folk with whom you've a history..  

  9. # Blogger mcx

    I don't think I have stopped laughing, I just stopped noticing it. Everything else has become so morbid and heavy that I often forget that only a moment ago I had laughed my head of at some thing silly. Would recommend both Family guy and south park as good laughter medicine. Saw the complete seasons of South park so now am watching Family guy. but these are all artificial stimulants that don't last you long, what I miss are the people and situations that used to make me laugh and I miss being able to make someone laugh. Had a someone in my life who used to think I am Chandler (dont know why, I have as much wit as a baboons ass), but her laughter used to be my medicine. :)  

  10. # Blogger autogato

    So the laughter clubs are not all that they are cracked up to be? You'd never know that by watching the news stories here.

    I really miss my ability to laugh, too. I think sometimes it gets sucked down into the grad school mess, too. We must fight for its return!  

  11. # Blogger autogato

    ANd for something more earthly and gross, I recommend the South Park episode called "Biggest Douche in the Universe."

    I laugh and laugh and laugh, every time. It's so absurb - especially at the end.  

  12. # Blogger sou

    @fondfire - deep contentment and less prone to disappointments over small things.. yeah. that's a very wise thing to say. However, I STILL WANT MY ABILITY TO LAUGH MY ASS OFF OVER SILLY THINGS!! * pant pant * see? i can be a big baby whenever i want .. so i expect my laughter ability to be as flexible too :p

    TQ - yeah it sure has gone into smirk mode and more toward amused smiles mode.

    frissko - good if it is a daily ritual. may that not change for a long time to come.

    mcx - ok ok so south park it is.. i swear i'm gonna buy alllllll the available stuff and watch em.

    autogato - well.. i wouldn't say laughter clubs don't work... they just don't work for me.  

  13. # Blogger Govind

    Watch "meet the Robinsons" Disney hasn't had an original flick in years (not since Lilo and stitch or some may even argue not since Lion King) but this truly breaks that trend and its funny to boot plus finally a movie with no talking animals (well there was a frog) . It proved for once I can actually be entertained without toilet humor. Good thing too I had seen all the American pie, euro trips, road trips, teen movies, scarry movies, epic movies, date movies and was almost out of a source for toilet humor. Phew!  

  14. # Anonymous jedi

    3 days ago at kodai. a tempo traveller 'Kunjumon Jewel, Puthoor' full of heavily bejeweled women, stopped us and asked us the way to suicide point. we were shocked and asked them why? and don't do it. don't go. they drove away. we then followed in an attempt to 'save' them. we also laughed till i choked and bike started veering of the road.
    then we laughed some more when we saw the van again. amen.  

  15. # Anonymous theanalogkid

    @jedi... *sob* *sob* :p  

  16. # Anonymous jedi

    laugh uncontrollably on demand = ur a bad actor or dont know method acting and so on. no need to get depressed abt it! nothings wrong. u will laugh uncontrollably when something happens and not when someone wants.

    on second thoughts, ur probably very boring up there in the head. :p  

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