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H for Happy New Year!

H for Hampi..


the holiday was - niiiiice! (say it smoothly.. niiiiice)

in hampi you can - explore ruins, take good photographs, cycle, shop for really nice bags and summery clothes, eat some really awesome italian, spanish, israeli, french food :p~ *droool*

i recommend - ranjana guest house, shanti restaurant, mango tree restaurant

missed - staying in a hut by the river, taking a bus to goa and extending the holiday *sigh*

hope you all have a nice new year too!

15 Responses to “H for Happy New Year!”

  1. # Blogger autogato

    FUN! I like this site. I love history and learning about new cultures!  

  2. # Blogger autogato

    Happy New Year!  

  3. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    nice to have you back..happy new yr!!  

  4. # Anonymous jedi

    so photos?  

  5. # Blogger plush

    there are still places with huts along the river!?hmmm....here,there are either huts or river-like drains...:(...  

  6. # Blogger autogato

    oooh, that sounds like a very nice holiday.

    Greetings from my holiday in San Antonio, Texas~!  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hey, cool place!!! Some place else to contemplate for that far off day when I visit India . . . (Currently, I'm preferring the idea of visiting Varanasi, but maybe I'll spend a day standing in line at Tirumala if they let skeptical white guys do that. ;-) It's really hard call to decide what part of the country I'd want to visit . . . I visit this restaurant in town, too, that's owned by a Nepali family. I think I might want to visit there some day, too . . . Ah, maybe some day the time and money will coincide.

    We had a bonfire in my backyard. It was OK.

    Happy New Year!  

  8. # Blogger frissko

    haa...coincidence..i was in hampi...from 29-31 dec..and i did take a room by Thungabadra..

    anyways, have a good year...  

  9. # Blogger sou

    some photos here..

    woo.. san antonio.. what do you get to do there? gotta google that

    oh fondfire you HAVE TO visit hampi.. let me know when you are planning the trip and i'll help you with the places

    frissko - no way!!! really? did u eat in shanti restaraunt? how was the room by the river? what all did u do? uh uh uh? tell me faaast i wanna compare notes.. :)  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Good to have u back in the new year, I know it comes late but hope the new year has been treating you well. : )  

  11. # Anonymous jenni

    Hey Sou. Happy New year girl!  

  12. # Blogger frissko

    dint eat at shanti's..walked by it..stayed at Bobbys (2nd cafe on the left if you cross the river from the Hampi side)..did the usual tour for a day and a half (sunset at hanuman temple and sonapur lake were my favs)..lazed around, read and drank for the rest of the time..was fun...

    and i am sure i saw that guy in that photo link of yours..(if u remember having seen someone in a white shirt, short hair, not so short beard on a green bike, that wud be me)...  

  13. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I'll post one of my e-mail addresses to your blog when I really have the time and money to come. I'd appreciate suggestions for planning from somebody who knows . . . I certainly don't know.

    Also, if you post an e-mail address on my blog, and then immediately erase your comment, I'll still get a copy of it and I can e-mail you. You know, when the time comes.  

  14. # Blogger autogato

    how do you get to San Antonio? Travel to Texas! The trip was nice, but now I'm back - and back to school business!

    And when you said that you hope that everyone has a nice year, does that mean you're taking the year off from blogging? B/c if you are, I'll WEEP!  

  15. # Blogger sou

    mcx, jenni - thank you!

    frissko - oh sure I saw you.. NOT!
    a. I was trying hard not to bang the cycle into anything
    b. I busy squinting trying to avoid the hot sun
    c. My eyes were busy checking out all the shops

    autogato - oi! not 'how do you get to SA' but what do get to do there.. what kind of a place is it.. and no sweetie i'm not taking a break from blogging.. just the usual laziness.  

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