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A crazy thought:

Women in the coastal areas are treated with more equality and have more power than women in dry, landlocked areas...

Examples - kerala, hawaii, mumbai..

delhi, kansas, madhya pradesh...

(please contribute more places that you think support my crazy thought)

phreak's reply was:

It all has to do with the food pattern. Coastal areas have plenty of food naturally available. Therefore, men don't assume physically stronger and more powerful stereotype. In dry landlocked areas it is more of a physical struggle to get food. So men are treated with a relatively exaggerated sense of value and women get relegated to the weaker, stay-at-home-preferably-in-the-kitchen stereotype.

If my blog was slashdot I'd mod his comment a 5 for insightful. (for non-slashdotters.. 5 is the highest rating a comment can get and comments are categorized according to how they relate to the post)

Inner child

Foreword (you know a post is gonna be looooong if it has a foreword!) - This post has nothing to do with the cave/therapy centre. Hmm… maybe the only link it does have is the peace and quiet it accorded my mind, which has allowed clarity of thought…and thus this post.

Main Post

So far the concept of my inner child and everybody else’s inner child was like a dim awareness that would occasionally spark a better understanding of others and myself. But now… I want it to be an active process.

I was a dreamy child when I was growing up. A veritable flower child* happy and lost in my own world where I could talk to trees ...nature and people around me were there solely for my enjoyment and entertainment. As I grew up, my world along with the little girl who created it were internalised and hidden behind cobwebs as the world of common reality took over. Reality became the dominant world my awareness existed in.

Now, I want to give that inner child, my little girl self, and through them my “self” a voice and an important place in my awareness.

I have been unconsciously/subconsciously doing it. Gratifying my id Freud would say - when I went partying till the wee hours of the morning... when I throw worldly defences away in facing my needs and desires..when I unabashedly demand from the people close to me the things (emotional support, security, love, material things), I need from them (a recently learned skill)... when I put a nice picture of me as my mobile wallpaper (still trying to not beat myself up with my internal cynic’s scathing “How vain!”).

So the point of this post… (yep, surprisingly there is a point!) was to throw open my little hippy flower child self to my blog readers, and to encourage you to find your li’l inner child and give it a voice.

Oh and most importantly: STOP! Stop judging yourself harshly with the standards set by society. Accepting yourself could be the greatest gift you could give yourself. (corny as hell .. but serves the purpose)

* Big shout out to TQ who was a catalyst to this thought and thank you TQ especially for so perfectly understanding my li’l hippie girl self. :)

Cave Story #2

Reminiscences and Ratings

50% peace

There was a lake. There were hammocks. There was a long winding walking track through a farm. There was a small strip of pebbles with water on them. There was clean green air. Time stands still there. Awesome!

20% weird

People. People from weird countries. People with weird backgrounds. People with weird shapes. People with weird attitudes.

Place. Place full of weird sayings. Place full of weird treatments. Place of weird foods. Place full of water coolers and toilets.

15% relaxing

Oil massages, hot baths, swimming pools, hammocks, evenings by the lake, nights of sudoku, crosswords, and novels.

10% tiring

Running around to ensure you are on time for yoga class, treatments, physiotherapy, food. Running up the stairs to the room on the second floor to get stuff. Running all across the campus to get to places.

5% boring

Ok its 7:00 pm so what next? Ermm… nothing really! Just some dumb lectures, kiddie movies or plain old TV.

5% funny

Funny coz you get to laugh at all the weird things of that place. Laughter therapy was a gas! (laughing at the ones who are doing it that is..) Laughing at the weird sayings (they deserve a post of their own) Laughing at the weird accents and attempts of the yoga instructors to stimulate relaxation in us.

*sigh* that place truly was something...

Cave Story #1

Things I did that I’ve never done before -

  • Slept on a hammock and chased squirrels with my eyes

  • Applied clarified butter into my nostrils

  • Fasted for four days at a stretch

  • Stripped in front of strange women

  • Relished eating Bottle gourd

  • Sat immobile for 45 minutes with mud all over me

  • Chatted casually with naked sweaty women

  • Cycled 15 feet above ground and got scared

  • Lost 4 kilograms (almost 9 pounds)

  • Spoke to people from countries I’d never heard of (Tunisia!)

I’m baaaaaaack!!

Breathe me in.

I'm going vavaeeeeyyy!

Oh the last minute traumas... the uncertainty of being in a totally strange place ... and of anticipating relaxation, something I haven't known very often..

Tata peoples who have come to read my blog! I'm off to a secret cave where yoga, relaxation, and total detox are not just words.

I'll be back with (hopefully) with lotsa thoughts spun in pure light.

PS - Just 10 days! I'm dreading it getting over even before it has started!

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