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What informative, insightful, or funny comments do you have?

A crazy thought:

Women in the coastal areas are treated with more equality and have more power than women in dry, landlocked areas...

Examples - kerala, hawaii, mumbai..

delhi, kansas, madhya pradesh...

(please contribute more places that you think support my crazy thought)

phreak's reply was:

It all has to do with the food pattern. Coastal areas have plenty of food naturally available. Therefore, men don't assume physically stronger and more powerful stereotype. In dry landlocked areas it is more of a physical struggle to get food. So men are treated with a relatively exaggerated sense of value and women get relegated to the weaker, stay-at-home-preferably-in-the-kitchen stereotype.

If my blog was slashdot I'd mod his comment a 5 for insightful. (for non-slashdotters.. 5 is the highest rating a comment can get and comments are categorized according to how they relate to the post)

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  1. # Blogger devsan

    You the Soumya of Blank Noise? Thanks for the comment on my blog. Interesting question... women's status wrt landscape... the availability of water (and hence food) seems to be a good answer, along with the other things the coast enables: easier access to other cultures (and hence lesser insularity). But you should probably check if this pattern is global or only Indian.

  2. # Blogger sou

    LOL.. yes i'm the Soumya of Blank Noise :)

    yes i want to check if this pattern is global or indian.. hence the post thrown open to all and sundry..  

  3. # Blogger phreakv6

    hehe.. it would be
    stay-at-home-preferably-in-the-kitchen-making chicken if it was my post..
    mod me funny..

  4. # Blogger autogato

    I suppose that by comparison to other regions of the world, Texas might be a place that offers more freedom to its females. However, my comparison within the United States, I don't believe it offers as much freedom as some states along the East and West Coast. It's interesting that the East and West Coasts are the areas that are generally deemed to be more progressive and liberal, while the more conservative folk are said to live in the Midwest, Plains, and the South. However, the South certainly has a great deal of coastal regions and women are being stripped of freedoms (or threatened of) more frequently now than before.


  5. # Blogger autogato

    when do we get to read a new posting???  

  6. # Blogger fondfire

    Also, I feeled compelled to mention that there is a coastal region of Texas . . . But say, Kansas or Arkansas? They might make your point better.

    I'd also say that in Louisiana, women do seem to live a little more freely in the southern (coastal) part of the state than in the northern (land-bound) part of the state, though there are many other cultural variables affecting that and it's not strictly a function of geography around here, either.

    Neat idea, though.  

  7. # Blogger sou

    aah thanks fondfire.. this is the kind of info i wanted.

    Kansas it is. Edited my post to reflect this.

    Hmm.. yeah the "cultural variables" are what i sorta wanted to dig out..  

  8. # Blogger fondfire

    Hey, I have an effect! :-)

    Yeah, Houston is near (though not on) the gulf coast area of Texas. It's all on maps . . .


    I was thinking more about this and wondering . . . Do more uptight types just prefer to leave the unwashed mass of humanity at the coast behind and high-tail it to the mountains and plains? Or is that the really uninhibited types crave the beach, congregate near-abouts, and drive away the more conventional types?

    Of course, this is all wild-ass speculation. I hope somebody does a study.  

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