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Inner child

Foreword (you know a post is gonna be looooong if it has a foreword!) - This post has nothing to do with the cave/therapy centre. Hmm… maybe the only link it does have is the peace and quiet it accorded my mind, which has allowed clarity of thought…and thus this post.

Main Post

So far the concept of my inner child and everybody else’s inner child was like a dim awareness that would occasionally spark a better understanding of others and myself. But now… I want it to be an active process.

I was a dreamy child when I was growing up. A veritable flower child* happy and lost in my own world where I could talk to trees ...nature and people around me were there solely for my enjoyment and entertainment. As I grew up, my world along with the little girl who created it were internalised and hidden behind cobwebs as the world of common reality took over. Reality became the dominant world my awareness existed in.

Now, I want to give that inner child, my little girl self, and through them my “self” a voice and an important place in my awareness.

I have been unconsciously/subconsciously doing it. Gratifying my id Freud would say - when I went partying till the wee hours of the morning... when I throw worldly defences away in facing my needs and desires..when I unabashedly demand from the people close to me the things (emotional support, security, love, material things), I need from them (a recently learned skill)... when I put a nice picture of me as my mobile wallpaper (still trying to not beat myself up with my internal cynic’s scathing “How vain!”).

So the point of this post… (yep, surprisingly there is a point!) was to throw open my little hippy flower child self to my blog readers, and to encourage you to find your li’l inner child and give it a voice.

Oh and most importantly: STOP! Stop judging yourself harshly with the standards set by society. Accepting yourself could be the greatest gift you could give yourself. (corny as hell .. but serves the purpose)

* Big shout out to TQ who was a catalyst to this thought and thank you TQ especially for so perfectly understanding my li’l hippie girl self. :)

5 Responses to “Inner child”

  1. # Blogger Oz

    neat ! you might want to check out Serenity by Godsmack if you have not already. not sure if the song relates to the post. but the title struck a chord.  

  2. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    hey my flower child!
    im so glad ur letting the flower child stamp out the cynical weed outta ur life, cynicism helps us deal with the 'harshness of reality' as u said, but the flower will always be a core part of u

    dont let the weed deflower u!

    ok...SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD joke that was!

    thnks for acknowledgin me n all, me feels all xtraaaaa speshull ;)
    course, u always knew it ;)

    one keschun, when does on know whether a standard is one set by the society or one set by ourselves??  

  3. # Blogger autogato

    I haven't read this whole post yet, but it looks very interesting! I look forward to reading it after comps madness ends later this week!

    See you then!  

  4. # Blogger sou

    @ oz - Serenity sounds kinda related but godsmack! :) will chk it out.

    @ tq - very good keschun. the way I decide is to pass it thru 2 criteria: listen to the voice and see if it sounds remarkably like anyone I know, and if what the voice is saying is going to affect my existence in an unnatural way.

    I dunno if that made sense!

    @ autogato - finish ur comps already! I'm waiting for u to finish it more than u are ! :)  

  5. # Blogger BangaloreGuy


    nice blog you've got out here. the cave stories are interesting.
    Have replied to your comment on mine as well.  

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