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Peynk Flouid

Ever thought they could sound Beatlesque’?

I know a mouse
And he hasn't got a house
I don't know why
I call him Gerald
He's getting rather old
But he's a good mouse

7 Responses to “Peynk Flouid”

  1. # Blogger phreakv6

    I've got a clan
    of gingerbread men.
    Here a man, there a man,
    lots of gingerbread men.
    Take a couple if you wish,
    they're on the dish.


  2. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    sob :(
    thye have tried to kill my blog
    and have succeeded this time.
    republishing it also did not work
    double sob :(
    why me :(
    depths of depression

  3. # Blogger YetzerHara

    A mouse left a message on my lyric dump
    and made my day.  

  4. # Blogger Neeta

    Hey Soumy! How you? And Where you?
    Blogging and all eh?
    Let's catch up dude!!
    Neeta Shenoy - from the good ol' MCC days  

  5. # Blogger autogato

    Or is Beetlesque something different?

    Sounds a bit Dr. Seuss, which is also tons of Fun! Particularly on a nice day, such as today.

    Homework. Grrrr.  

  6. # Blogger sou

    @ yetzerhara - :) look out for more mouse dumps err... i mean... messages!

    @ neeta - heyyy! how u doin?! yes yes must meet and catch up!

    @ autogato - *blush* it is Beatlesque. correction made. thank you.  

  7. # Blogger sou

    @ autogato - Oh Dr.Seuss! wot fun! love his stuff.. though their (PF) rhymes are much simpler and not so tongue twisty.

    Homework hmmm.... yeah i kinda remember what that was... :P  

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