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umm.. where are we headed?

A few association words for those who want a quick version of this post :

  • Herd mentality

  • People on the periphery

  • Destination unknown

In detail:

Human beings when thought of from a macro perspective are not very different from sheep. They are quite content to know their nose is stuck into the ass of the sheep who is walking before them. The golden rule I've heard once too often .. if sth was good enough for our forefather's generation it certainly has to be good enough for us. Some of us sheep though have edged to the periphery and can see some definite disadvantages of sticking our nose up in somebody's ass. The periphery sheep know the dumb patterns sheep fall into and the overwhelming need for self preservation that drives the central herd along...

... but this sheep has a touch of amnesia.. err.. where are we headed again?

7 Responses to “umm.. where are we headed?”

  1. # Blogger kim

    maybe you've read this before but it seemed to tie in so here it is...

    a Whole That Can be Shared.

    guess it's time,
    to make a rhyme-
    and see what letters
    a life in herds,
    your words-
    as good ideas will,
    from fingers clean,
    come lines pristine-
    a taste of proven pi.
    with middles scooped,
    the crust once duped,
    the recipe of i.
    but dense with fill,
    of tart and thrill-
    the flakes, one cannot spy.
    such rich dessert,
    the mind does squirt-
    puffed pacetree for the eye.  

  2. # Blogger sou

    "a life in herds,
    your words-
    as good ideas will,


    yes i remember this one.. nice!  

  3. # Blogger Ray Ben

    ha ha ..

    but the sheep that asks that too often never found new lands or roads.

    Did you get the answer?  

  4. # Blogger autogato

    Oh my word, you are a flipping genius. I love reading your stuff. I need to come back to this when I can make a legitimate reply. (This is s.b., by the way. I decided to change my blogger name to match my user name. What do you think? I'm considering changing back to s.b. b/c that's my name!)

    Anyhoo. I thought of you last night. I saw a performance called New Delhi Meets New Orleans in which Indian music and instruments were merged with New Orleans jazz and its related instruments. The show was AMAZING. It was beautiful!

    Again, keep up the excellent postings. I love reading them. My make my brain get going.


  5. # Anonymous jedi

    hmm. one question. why is the post titled '..where are WE headed?'

    a slight shift to the train of thought to where am I headed could bring a better insight into this conundrum.  

  6. # Blogger sou

    ray - Aah.. even the vasco da gamas and vespuccis had some specific destination in mind.. never mind that they ended up else where..

    autogato - Hey you are spoiling me... I feel like crowning myself, commanding legions, and making all the subjects of my queendum(b) fall to their knees and hail me coz I’m a flipping genius :D

    Hmm.. s.b. is well.. two letters.. but autogato ...now there’s a good kitty name (I’m assuming self-kitty is what it means... lol.. sounds funny) :)

    Indian music with New Orleans jazz! Sounds very interesting!

    jedi - Beekauzz... no man’s an island! So, where I’m headed depends on where we’re headed. U gets?  

  7. # Anonymous jedi

    i do get it and i dont get it.  

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