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Sound Words

The purpose of this post is to introduce a few sounds to this virtual audience and to request you (humbly) to meditate upon the various shades of expression of each of them. The first two have been explained for your convenience:

  • Interesting… but I don’t think I want to comment just yet

  • I don’t have an intelligent reply to that so I’ll just nod and pretend like I can see into the soul of the matter

  • [Man] I wonder what the score is... [Woman] I wonder if its raining/ if we’ll go out today/ if he’ll ever change/ if I should be more assertive with that guy at work/...

  • Great I thought everything was as bad as it could get and now you go and do this [sound usually made when expelling the breath of a sigh]

  • You are boring me to death…tell me who sent you… who do you work for...

  • Shit! Got caught … what do I do… what do I doo…[often accompanied with a sheepish grin.. though nobody knows why it is called a “sheepish grin” as sheep do not ever really grin]

  • Accompanied by a “I’m thinking hard to say the absolutely precise measured words” look...

  • Quick fast think of something to say.. anything!






Uh oh!






Aaaa? / Aaah??

Eyy.. / hey..

7 Responses to “Sound Words”

  1. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    u forgot GAH
    how could u forget gah?!!!!

    err is what i say when the other person has mistaken sumthing ive said...like an "errr...uve got it wrong" or "err..uve made an ass of urself and u hav no clue"

    yay - im phoebe buffet, im a puppy, im bored but am trying to sound happy, im happy

    aha - caught ya!, eureka!,

    aaah aaah - errr...shant say anything here.

    ewwww - blech! kaka! yuck!  

  2. # Blogger phreakv6

    how can u forget our fav word thoo..

    thoo - spit ( with the head jerking towards the other persons' face )  

  3. # Blogger Tweety

    OMG! your post is the answer to questions many people ask me what I mean when I say one of those words...specially the 'hmm'.

    BTW...I invented and copyrighted the word 'Grr' ;-)

    One more BTW...I think you are in the wrong place doing the wrong work. You should be writing lines for future seasons of Friends, Seinfeld and stuff. Dont u think so?  

  4. # Blogger kim

    i put up some more pictures for you :)  

  5. # Blogger sou

    @ tvnmcb: yaa i forgot "gah" :) but i might just post a whole new post fulla "mousya's sound words" :D so gah is gonna TOP that list!

    @phreak: same as above.. i think i should follow this up with a post fulla totally "local" words...

    @ tweety: woah!! high praise! thank u soo much :D .. we shud meet up some time and fight over copyrights of "grr.." :)

    @ deen - oh yay!! i'm totally chkn them out rite now!  

  6. # Blogger chamki

    your from bangalore?
    you forgot da?
    the almighty multipurpose da?
    i'm a big fan of da
    after living there for just a month.  

  7. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    'da' is TAM
    these bangaloreans copied it from us :P


    and for all challenged northies - da is not short for darling :P  

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