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To Mousyasia or Bust (pronounced mouzaeshia)

A friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday.

Well... I want a planet of my own. A planet with luscious natural beauty, where all the other denizens are simulated (projected holograms) with a few AIs thrown in to do the menial work.

I want a house of my own with lotsa greenery around it.. and I want a herd of puppies.. I want a few farm animals like cows, goats, and horses... no chicken coz I know some ppl who would eat them up real quick.

And to top this B'day wishlist I want a teleporter so I can switch between the "real" world and my planet. *sigh*

What do you want for your birthday?

P.S - So she replies.."I shall draw u a nice picture of your planet and ur house and i'll draw li'l chicken and cross them out. I'll draw u a nice big gray cardboard box with teleporter written on it" ... *sigh*

4 Responses to “To Mousyasia or Bust (pronounced mouzaeshia)”

  1. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    ish the leetle puppy's happy borfday..ish coming!!!!

    go puppy..its ur budday...
    were gonna party like its ur budday
    were gonna sip bacardi like its ur budday

    girl u wnat anything specific from the daaali??
    like gobi-shalgam-gaajar ka aachar?

  2. # Blogger Hyperbole

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

  3. # Blogger Hyperbole

    Ever heard of I want one of those ...  

  4. # Blogger autogato

    I really enjoyed reading this one. Oh, your imagination is so rich and wonderful!  

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