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FWD: Factory!

I wonder where fwds are generated....

Is there a run down building in the middle of nowhere where "all the lonely people" belong...where they are hired to create fwds?

And do they set it rolling and see how far it goes?

Do they get performance appriasals based on how far it reached (in terms of geography) or how many times it got sent to the same ppl over and over again till they killed themselves or maybe the parameter is how long the fwd floated... some people probably thought they have finally seen enough of a particular forward when !BAM! its hits them again two years later... (probably what made them kill themselves!) And will this be called reusability in that dingy factory?

2 Responses to “FWD: Factory!”

  1. # Blogger phreakv6

    ya after their appraisals..
    if they have performed beyond expectations..
    you know what ?.. they get to start chain
    mails.. whoa.. how awesome is that ?
    the performance parameter then would be to
    get more and more names as signatures in
    the mail body to help a dying woman without
    a liver in bosnia or be run over by a
    cement mixer.  

  2. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    i got this fwd about a seven yr old chick who was dying of lung cell cancer (lung cell cancer?!!!). I was tempted to click on the 'reply all' button and say
    "This girl has been seven for the past 5 years. In all probability, the cancer got to her. Your help is of no use. AOL or MS will not refund you. You wont get a nokia phone for free."

    well, i did hit on 'reply all' and sent the first line....
    and then this doctor dude appeared outta nowhere and gave major gyaan about the high improbability of lung cell cancer or whatever the disease was.  

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