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That's why I value it so much...

Absence brings out the true attachment you feel for something. Perceive the world perfect, as your life is.... then remove the person/object/desire from this perfect scenario and see how it makes you feel or helps you grow.

It’s good practice to filter... to pour ‘everythings’ in life through the filter of absence to see what comes out of it and what gets left behind as goo.

Sound Words

The purpose of this post is to introduce a few sounds to this virtual audience and to request you (humbly) to meditate upon the various shades of expression of each of them. The first two have been explained for your convenience:

  • Interesting… but I don’t think I want to comment just yet

  • I don’t have an intelligent reply to that so I’ll just nod and pretend like I can see into the soul of the matter

  • [Man] I wonder what the score is... [Woman] I wonder if its raining/ if we’ll go out today/ if he’ll ever change/ if I should be more assertive with that guy at work/...

  • Great I thought everything was as bad as it could get and now you go and do this [sound usually made when expelling the breath of a sigh]

  • You are boring me to death…tell me who sent you… who do you work for...

  • Shit! Got caught … what do I do… what do I doo…[often accompanied with a sheepish grin.. though nobody knows why it is called a “sheepish grin” as sheep do not ever really grin]

  • Accompanied by a “I’m thinking hard to say the absolutely precise measured words” look...

  • Quick fast think of something to say.. anything!






Uh oh!






Aaaa? / Aaah??

Eyy.. / hey..

The Idea of Ideas

How does one visually represent the internet? like a grid ...where things are grouped but floating.. organized digital matter piled on one other like brick and mortar? Like a few main service providers branching out into several groups of sites?

How does one visually represent ideas? like a grid? like a grouped collective consciousness? like a river with very few original ideas branching into tributaries which branch into streams and babbling brooks?

Salman Rushdie in Haroun and the sea of stories alludes to "kathasarithasaagar" (ocean of stories) where each story has a distinct origin. Stories are constantly interwoven and reborn.

Richard Bach in "one" writes of lives as ribbons in the sea... multicolored ribbons running along the length of the sea. Lives that are constantly interwoven and reborn. He also talks about Tink the idea fairie and the idea factory.

QuickSilver writes:

There it goes
that thought -
released by a soul.
Now it will linger,
freely in the air.
Now, it will meet
similar thoughts.
Collective, strong wishes -
Simple, passing comments.
Ideas, spoken - unspoken,
they all glide around.
Waiting to be picked, by

What places has this particular thought that I’m expressing visited since it was first expressed in our "earth"...only to be picked up by me (and how many else) and expressed here.

They say all material things have to start with a thought. A computer had to first start with the idea of a thing like a computer... so we virtually create everything out of nothing.. everything we humans can call things of convenience of modern civilization were all fashioned out of .. thin air..

However now.. we have gone (now pay attention) from "thought to form" to "thought to thought"! What best to represent this phenomenon than the internet.. I’d say we've come a complete circle with the creation of internet. We now create everything virtually out of virtually nothing!! Ha!!

Immune to Life

Ever screwed up at work in the dumbest way possible and felt the shock of:

a) Challenging your self-image of being a responsible person?
(how could I be so dumb? Did somebody meddle with my comp?
Was I sleeping thru the job with my eyes open? Why oh
why did I not take a back up!!?!?!? GOD! how can u be so unkind to me..)

b) Reworking all the stuff again? (GAH...!)

c) Answering your supervisor why the screw up happened ?
(.. umm well.. its just that I have really latent "duh" genes
that surface once in a while and screw up my life but
otherwise I'm a very responsible professional..*sheeepish grin*)

We face so much stress at the work place ... not unlike that IBM ad where a s/w guy collapses thinking he has lost data.. makes you wonder if facing the 'real' stressors of life such as a calamity, losing a loved one, or screwing up in life (having wronged a person) will or can elicit the required shock from us.

Present day workplace = Immunity to life?

PS: This post was mainly about the scenarios faced in s/w companies. If your are an investment banker and u screwed up at your workplace and are facing some jail time then the shock indeed is justified. But such a disproportionate response to losing digital 0s and 1s..?

PPS: These thoughts arose when I watched the shell-shocked expression on a colleague's face (the colleague thought some data was lost ... which was later recovered)





try to think


"oh... Happy New Year"


idiotic smile ...

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