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H for Happy New Year!

H for Hampi..


the holiday was - niiiiice! (say it smoothly.. niiiiice)

in hampi you can - explore ruins, take good photographs, cycle, shop for really nice bags and summery clothes, eat some really awesome italian, spanish, israeli, french food :p~ *droool*

i recommend - ranjana guest house, shanti restaurant, mango tree restaurant

missed - staying in a hut by the river, taking a bus to goa and extending the holiday *sigh*

hope you all have a nice new year too!

What a quarter of a life has taught me..

When you want something badly.. I mean reaallllly want it, the only way you can get it is by convincing yourself and the powers that be that you actually don't want it at all. Not one bit.

Yep. That's the only way.

girl power

female foeticide. female infanticide. rampant in india. no no this is not an essay on this serious and very relevant (to India) issue. This is post on an anticipated social crisis.

my thoughts -
  • it is mostly people from lower and middle socio-economic classes and people from rural India who kill female infants and foetuses.

  • most upper middle class and upper class, metropolitan Indians bring up their daughters as educated, free thinking, well travelled..etc etc individuals.
so according to me this leads to -
  • skewed sex ratio = there are not enough women (this is already a reality!)

  • skewed socio-economic backgrounds = greater number of traditional men from conservative backgrounds and most women who are educated, free thinking, from urban backgrounds.

  • This essentially means a disaster in the marriage market.

  • decline in marriage market = fewer kids being born (which "sounds" like a good thing for India) but...

  • decline in marriage market (mostly with respect to urban women) = skewed ratio of educated urban kids to under priviledged kids from poor backgrounds
Currently, India is a young country with most of its population in the "working" sector. so if the marriage market sees a sharp drop, this will essentially translate to fewer educated urban kids in the working sector which might mean a significant impact on the Indian economy.

Today i found this. I hope Indian sociologists can clearly draw parallels from Japanese society and take action before its too late (and i think it already might be too late).

Life talk on wheels

I went through this crappy thing yesterday evening that totally bummed me out. I took an auto to my place. The driver was the most easy to talk to, mature, intelligent, philosophical guy i've had the pleasure of traveling with. He so totally cheered me up!

One of the things that really made me happy was the fact that intelligence is never the prerogative of any "one" kind of peoples.. and every time i 'connect' with somebody with whom i seemingly have no common ground i feel so blessed and secure that i haven't really alienated myself from the rest of them/us. (ofcourse sometimes i feel it's all a nice delusion where i affirm some feelings of superiority by thinking i'm different from anyone else at all)

some how.. for the past few weeks i've been seeing a lot of "there's hope for humanity yet" kind of affirming events. It scares me.

As JD Salinger puts it ""I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy."

to all my lovely sagi fellow-bloggers!

December's here.. and with it is the promise of another disappointing b'day..

hmm.. no no .. that's not quite right.. i think i've finally "grown-up" a li'l more in my 24-25th year of life. i think for the first time i'll be content to just let my b'day pass by.. without expecting the whole of mankind to just jump with joy and make me weep with their celebratory mood and their shower of gifts :P

did i see tears of relief in the kid's eyes? :)

i've noticed that majority of my blogger friends are sagis and thought i must post a mass "Happy Birthday" post.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! jenny, subbu, tweety, mcx, li'l yang, rich morals (tho' i doubt he's ever visited my blog, but just in case)

do let me know when your b'day is y'all and i'll def leave a nice message to warm the cockles of your heart :D

PS - no this is not a not-so-subtle invitation for wishes on my b'day.. really it's not about that ;)

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