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Lesson for the day

If you truly want something in life:

  • understand that our first reaction is to find barriers that prevent us from achieving it. don't get stuck with the barriers themselves. understand the purpose of the barriers. it is a good thing to recognize and acknowledge the barries coz it helps you work around them.

  • don't assume the only way to achieve it is by being 100% committed to the goal.. if the 100% commitment means you need to work your life around. be committed to the goal by thinking about it often. that's the first step. keep it alive in your mind and thoughts. talk about it with other people.. kinda like admitting it out in the open and acknowledging your aim. let it slowly spill over from your thoughts to little things in your daily life.

  • it is very difficult to change your life overnight but very easy to just change it a li'l bit.. coz then by doing just that li'l bit, you've already done something towards achieving what you want!

for the sake of seeing something different

i know i know.. even i'm sick of coming here and not seeing a new post. the things a well paying job does to you *sigh*

aqua sense (acquiescence?)

another one of those herd behaviors all of us follow but never question.

liquids we love:

  • water
  • alcohol
  • sweet juices

liquids we hate:

  • pee
  • mucus (from all orifices)
  • impure water
  • tears (..i think.. maybe some men hate them.. dunno)
  • blood
why do we so easily accept the distaste for things handed down by other generations? pee is not really sooo unhygenic.. some people drink it.. they're doing perfectly fine! mucus is yucky.. but why? is it just the viscosity? ok impure water = illness.. so it is kinda justified but again just because water looks muddy we readily label it impure and blindly accept water that "looks" clean (go see erin brockovich or any other movie that'll clarify why this is not true). tears.. well.. we all know how they can bring relief.. if you don't know ask a female near you to explain. blood.. ok we fear it coz it reminds us of our mortality.. but it isn't something that should disgust us.. why does it turn us off? is our fear of mortality really so great?!

if you are wondering, "is there is a point to this post"..

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