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Lesson for the day

If you truly want something in life:

  • understand that our first reaction is to find barriers that prevent us from achieving it. don't get stuck with the barriers themselves. understand the purpose of the barriers. it is a good thing to recognize and acknowledge the barries coz it helps you work around them.

  • don't assume the only way to achieve it is by being 100% committed to the goal.. if the 100% commitment means you need to work your life around. be committed to the goal by thinking about it often. that's the first step. keep it alive in your mind and thoughts. talk about it with other people.. kinda like admitting it out in the open and acknowledging your aim. let it slowly spill over from your thoughts to little things in your daily life.

  • it is very difficult to change your life overnight but very easy to just change it a li'l bit.. coz then by doing just that li'l bit, you've already done something towards achieving what you want!

18 Responses to “Lesson for the day”

  1. # Anonymous jedi

    oh sorry. good luck with all this.  

  2. # Blogger sou

    hmm.. thanks for the feedback. it is valuable. (really, i had a few Qs in my mind when i posted this.. you've answered one of them)

    more thoughts please..  

  3. # Anonymous jedi

    '...don't assume the only way to achieve it is by being 100% committed to the goal.. if the 100% commitment means you need to work your life around...' are there other qualifiers for "being 100% committed"
    a. work ur life around..
    b. ?  

  4. # Anonymous jedi

    btw whats this about?  

  5. # Blogger sou

    a. work your life around overnight

    b. slowly change li'l things in your life and gradually achieve the change

    the post is what it is.. but i was also trying to see how people react to it.. do they think it's like a self help book (which many view in a neg boring light), is it a nice way to summarize what we all know.. just wanted to see how ppl react to the post.  

  6. # Anonymous Subbu

    talking to people helps if they are like minded, done what you want to do and are not afraid to walk out of comfort and go experiment.

    i think what are you meant to do is a better question than what do you want. committment, changing your life around, disappointment at finding this was not what you really wanted don't matter then.

    and btw what happened to the idea of convincing yourself, the only way to get someting is not want it ? too easy ?  

  7. # Blogger plush

    hmm...(whenever i try to think of something remotely "sensible" and "smart"....i say this...)...right....  

  8. # Anonymous theanalogkid

    >>don't assume the only way to achieve it is by being 100% committed to the goal.. if the 100% commitment means you need to work your life around.

    this is something on the lines of convincing yourself of not wanting something you want like ur earlier post. so i think it answers @subbu's Q as well.

    i think the best way that has worked for me is, find an alternative when you want something badly, convince yourself that you need neither one and work towards both but at your own sweet pace without bothering yourself much since you need neither and also since you have probably already found another alternative by then to work for. most of the time you will end up getting both or all. :) if you dint get any, well, you dint want any, so what are you bothered about?  

  9. # Anonymous little yang


  10. # Blogger autogato

    a little birdy told me that you are not feeling well. I wish you the best wishes for getting well soon!

    And your post rocked, by the way.


  11. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I like this post.

    When you want to change yourself (or the conditions outside of you; if there's any difference . . .), you are generally going to encounter a butt-load of internal resistance . . . After all, you are the way you are because it is working for you on some level . . . So, I always find I talk proposed changes out with friends all the time . . . Most of them never happen, but you have to think out a proposed change. Have you ever busted your hump to become something else, got there, and realized you'd expended the wrong effort? I have . . . Better to go a little slower and talk it out. So, I disagree with jedi and some of the others. Not a yawn at all! I think you're right. Making changes is first about asking yourself and your friends about the proposed change. ("Should I be a porn star?" No, sou! Don't do it!) Having people critique your ideas can be a double-edged sword: sometimes it improves the idea, though sometimes they just tear it down. I think the former is worth risking the latter for, though. So, I think you're on the right track!

    Take care, chica!  

  12. # Anonymous jedi

    doesnt work. self help should be simple, clear and actionable. should induce questions about the plan of action and not about wtf is the selfhelphelper trying to say..  

  13. # Anonymous jedi

    @fondfire: never had anyone disagree with me yawning :)

    @sou: mull..how many times have u had an idea/issue.. and u discussed it/options with friends and did what friends suggested.. dont u almost always do what u secretly want and argue with friends around it?
    more like finding a platform for acceptance of ur idea than what friends/ppl really think..  

  14. # Blogger sou

    subbu & all - people certainly can either help you find your way or help you find more barriers.. i meant talking it out with others more in the sense of make your aim a more "concrete thought" making it more "real"..more as an admission to the outside world that you have XYZ goal.. and that you'll try and get there.

    subbu that's a great point you bring up. do we really know what we want? this is another good reason to follow the slow and steady approach.

    plush - i'm sure you have a very nice 'pursing of the lips + nodding of head' pose to go with the hmm... ;)

    the kid - and you are absolutely right (as usual!) :)

    li'l yang - thanks!

    autogato - thanks! i need all nice vibes i can get!

    fondfire - yeah.. it really is about asking ourselves..just like how we take a reality check with the outside world take a check with the inside world.

    jedi - :O are.. you.. saying.. i'm .. not.. a good.. communicator? = please find a good way of ridding the earth of your existence (see i'm good at communication!)

    umm.. no.. i guess if you believe you need to achieve something then it's you who needs to accept and embrace it. friends can only send you warning signals (if they feel you've ttly lost it) but nth much beyond that.  

  15. # Blogger autogato

    I've got to say - that upon rereading this post, I really have to tell you how incredibly insightful you are. Your posts like this are so refreshing and interesting and I really enjoy reading them.  

  16. # Anonymous jedi

    @sou: erm. i think we both are saying the same thing.. ur probably more insightful.

    abt the bad communicator bit. didnt say so.. but if u feel u might or might not be, sleep over it.

    communicationwise, would have said.. if u truly want something in life, make it a need.
    :) take the ball  

  17. # Blogger autogato

    Where did you get the cool new look for your blog? I like it!  

  18. # Blogger sou

    thanks autogato! just surfed around for a simple basic template that i could customize easily. have been wanting to do this for a loooooooooong time now.

    oh and the top header images are photos from my collection.. not off the web. :)  

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