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to all my lovely sagi fellow-bloggers!

December's here.. and with it is the promise of another disappointing b'day..

hmm.. no no .. that's not quite right.. i think i've finally "grown-up" a li'l more in my 24-25th year of life. i think for the first time i'll be content to just let my b'day pass by.. without expecting the whole of mankind to just jump with joy and make me weep with their celebratory mood and their shower of gifts :P

did i see tears of relief in the kid's eyes? :)

i've noticed that majority of my blogger friends are sagis and thought i must post a mass "Happy Birthday" post.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! jenny, subbu, tweety, mcx, li'l yang, rich morals (tho' i doubt he's ever visited my blog, but just in case)

do let me know when your b'day is y'all and i'll def leave a nice message to warm the cockles of your heart :D

PS - no this is not a not-so-subtle invitation for wishes on my b'day.. really it's not about that ;)

15 Responses to “to all my lovely sagi fellow-bloggers!”

  1. # Anonymous jenny



    And I share the same thoughts...  

  2. # Blogger mcx

    May your heart grow wilder, the smiles dreamier, the added wisdom more fashionable, the desires more passionate and the Grey's more darker
    as age drags you deeper in to her embrace. -mcx  

  3. # Blogger Oz

    spare the kid's eyes !!
    have a great b'day..  

  4. # Blogger fondfire

    So, today's your day, sou? Happy B-Day!! :-)  

  5. # Blogger sou

    jenny - oi so when's your's?

    mcx - thanks!

    oz - hmm.. i just might. thanks, but it's still along way off..

    fondfire - nope. it's on the 21st. thanks anyway :)  

  6. # Blogger fondfire

    OK, eight days after my brother . . . Will have to try and remember that . . .  

  7. # Anonymous jedi

    oh yea. wooloneyepuller. its just the first and already anticipation for the 21st!
    u probably have changed the 25 days to christmas song to 21 days.

    and 25? its all downhill from here.  

  8. # Blogger autogato

    Even if it's not a not-so-subtle effort to get birthday wishes, you're still going to get them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

    So are you 25 now? Are there any major milestones associated with the 25th birthday in your culture? When you turn 25 here, your car insurance rates go down. Which is pretty cool, let me tell you.


  9. # Blogger autogato

    Oh wait, I just read - your birthday is on the 21st. Well, happy UPCOMING birthday.  

  10. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    i almost forgot ur bday....thanks fr the reminder!

    hee hee hee

    im so nasty no?  

  11. # Blogger plush

    yappy birthdayyy sou...21 huh...kool...:)...  

  12. # Anonymous theanalogkid

    here is wishing my eyes would be spared this time.. 16 more days for the D-day !  

  13. # Anonymous Anonymous

    you can count me in that group too. Woohoo. Jim Morrison's got nothing on me. Woohoo!  

  14. # Blogger sou

    jedi - listen on my planet dec usually lasts for about 5 secs. ok? so the only time i have to realize that december's here is just when it's here..coz the next thing i know it's new year's and then half of the next year is gone!

    yeah u'd know if it's all downhill or uphill oh wait.. 25 was too long ago for you right? :P (don't curse me ok.. my haffy budday is coming up..so only good thoughts and nice gifts :D)

    autogato - oh i don't mind if you wanna wish me now! :) more than happy to pretend it's my b'day throughout this month hehee..

    tq - out u go on your broken leg and buy me the bestest, biggest, most expensive gift you can find as penance for almost forgetting. Go now!

    plush - thankee

    kid - what joy! fulllll budday month this is turning out to be.. if i'd only known i'd have posted abt my b'day every year! damn!

    li'l yang - i left a comment on your blog wondering all the while what jim morrison had to do with anything! :) i'll be back on dec 8.  

  15. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Happy late B-Day! ;-)  

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