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The art of living

I love blogtrotting. I love the totally unpredictable mindscapes it takes you through each time.

And I can't thank God/higher intelligence/greater design of universal consciousness (I'm not good with labels) for having led me to Nipun and Guri.

yeah its just a blog.. and they are just a buncha sweet people.. but its not possible for me to explain how they've touched my life at this moment.. save to post about them.

Don't miss this. Nor this.

If there was a 'faith in humanity' meter in this game.. mine would show fulllll.



A movie about a city raping a woman. Or atleast that's how I choose to see it.

(link in the title)


Ok ok .. I'm late.. I should just wear bunny ears and show everyone my true avatar of the rabbit from wonderland. This post's a note of gratitude for filling 365 of my days with:

  1. walks in the park

  2. strength to face the worst mood swings ever

  3. better insights into who i am and how i relate to "society"

  4. clandestine meetings

  5. happy drunken times

  6. frustration which pushed me to state what i need clearly and unapologetically

  7. movies, movies and more movies :)

Thank you.

Monday morning blues..

..had me thinking what I would've been if I followed one of my childhood fantasy careers.

Police officer

Teacher [fav career of every indian child who has books of the previous academic year he/she can evaluate]

Part of a rock band woohoo \m/


Doctor [Surgery]




Time traveller

TV serial scriptwriter/director [I was 3 yrs old when I renamed ppl around me to suit the characters they were supposed to play..]

Voice artist

Make up artist

Chef on TV :)

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