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Monday morning blues..

..had me thinking what I would've been if I followed one of my childhood fantasy careers.

Police officer

Teacher [fav career of every indian child who has books of the previous academic year he/she can evaluate]

Part of a rock band woohoo \m/


Doctor [Surgery]




Time traveller

TV serial scriptwriter/director [I was 3 yrs old when I renamed ppl around me to suit the characters they were supposed to play..]

Voice artist

Make up artist

Chef on TV :)

13 Responses to “Monday morning blues..”

  1. # Blogger phreakv6

    i see almost all your wishes were on showbiznesses ;)

    i always wanted to be an astronaut.. have my own ship and trod galaxies unknown to man..

    and also i wanted to be a fighter pilot..  

  2. # Blogger Oz

    shame wannabe Monday Morning quitters don't get a Tata Safari Dicor.  

  3. # Blogger sou

    @ phreak - well.. actually most of them were inspired by what I saw on TV :)

    yeah yeah every kid wants to be a pilot!

    @ oz - huh!? just coz u want it and ur a wannabe mm quitter, ha! highhhhh hopes!  

  4. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    ni agree on the teacher bit....i think every indian girl wants/wanted to be a teacher, n every indian boy, a pilot

    so much for steretypes while we were growing up
    when i was five, i did not want to be just an 'actress', but i wanted to be sreedevi :)  

  5. # Blogger autogato

    FUN!! So what did you end up doing professionally???  

  6. # Blogger devsan

    Well, I wanted to be a spy. Had a bag full of disguises.  

  7. # Anonymous jedi

    storyteller.. dont see why u still cant be one..and i dont mean the phattebaaz type :)  

  8. # Blogger sou

    @ autogato - well.. i'm a writer/instructional designer (elearning)... interesting enough but there's no make up no drama :)

    @ dev - spy! yeah! damn! all those famous five novels! you know what.. I'd actually started writing one of those novels myself when I was in 7th std :)) i think it was called fantastic four or sth equally lame hehee

    @ jedi - dunno if u remember this serial on TV "Potli baba ki" this travelling old man ready with a story everytime.. I wanted to be a travelling storyteller with a worn out cloth bag holding my few belongings :)
    what's "phattebaaz" type?  

  9. # Anonymous jedi

    phatte -> pl. of phatta, dupsa, reel, long ones, lies..

    btw what do u do now for a living/career?  

  10. # Blogger autogato

    Writer and instructional designer? What kinds of things do you write and design?  

  11. # Blogger sou

    I create courses that can be accessed online or thru a CD.

    I create lessons, assessments, ideas for animations and graphics, and design practice activities that can be done using technology (ppl learn it by doing it).

    So basically I create courses that takes the place of instructor led training or complements ILT.

    That's what I do :)  

  12. # Blogger autogato

    Holy )(@*#. Thaat sounds cool. And like it takes major smarts! Sounds like you are super skilled with computers. Wow. Do you make those CDs (or a similar product) like I see advertised on TV? The ones that teach a person how to use the computer? Do you write online learning environments like Blackboard and WebCT?  

  13. # Blogger sou

    yeah i create online learning stuff.. blackboard and webct are more like the classrooms where instructors (my courses) will come and teach.. sorry for the bad analogy :\

    I can create a course out of anything that you can teach.. so there can be courses teaching kids how to use computers to courses teaching the art of living to stressed out grad school ppl :P

    Its quite simple really.. its just not a very familiar thing.. i'm sure an accountant's job is as complex or as easy as mine.  

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