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Saw a movie called Basquiat. Intriguing. He looks up at the sky and the surfer is happy surfing the waves. He smiles. My search for the artist's life and works started. A post later Basquiat was laid to rest (for the time being atleast). He was a good friend of Andy Warhol (played by David Bowie). Dig dig dig and off I go into the rabbit hole.

A n d y    W a r h o l. Fascinating! He painted Campbell's soup cans, Cocacola and brought into fashion the ubiquitous psychedelic portraits. I had always always wondered how art and business worked together. I should've just read about AW to know about it. The more I read the more bizarre the mad hatter's world became. He had a series of "piss paintings"... which literally means that.. paintings created by pissing! (canvases prepared with copper paint that show oxidised urine stains)

He has not only filled the museums with his paintings but also has movies that don't really pass as movies - Eat, Haircut, Sleep, Vinyl, ****, Milk (can't wait to see them.. if I can get them that is). Wiki says, "Andy Warhol dreamed of a television show that he wanted to call "The Nothing Special," a special about his favourite subject: Nothing." ...Fascinating!

He died when he was 58... but my god how he lived! Utterly the F word.

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  1. # Blogger autogato

    Sounds cool!
    I've heard of the film, but never seen it. It shall have to go on my list of things to see.  

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