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Cave Story #1

Things I did that I’ve never done before -

  • Slept on a hammock and chased squirrels with my eyes

  • Applied clarified butter into my nostrils

  • Fasted for four days at a stretch

  • Stripped in front of strange women

  • Relished eating Bottle gourd

  • Sat immobile for 45 minutes with mud all over me

  • Chatted casually with naked sweaty women

  • Cycled 15 feet above ground and got scared

  • Lost 4 kilograms (almost 9 pounds)

  • Spoke to people from countries I’d never heard of (Tunisia!)

8 Responses to “Cave Story #1”

  1. # Blogger Trauma Queen


    yoga camp sounds scary

    pls go read sum comments that have been posted on blank noise....will surely make u raise an eyebrow  

  2. # Blogger sou

    naah.. wasn't scary as much as weird.. esp 4 & 7

    I mean these are situations nobody anticipates.. and it is funny how human behaviour dictates we treat it either by:

    1. Smiling in embarassment
    2. Treating it as if it is extremely normal and commonplace
    3. Retreating into an impenitrable shell

    Good exercise in studying human behaviour.  

  3. # Blogger autogato

    Wow! That sounds so awesome! What kind of place was this? Was it a camp? Resort? Retreat?

    I'd love to lie in a hammock and watch squirrels and be covered in some nice therapeutic mud. it sounds so awesome! But why were you putting butter up your nose? I've never heard of that before. Is it a type of health treatment?

    WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

  4. # Blogger Ganesh

    Where u had been?

    To any beauty competition like Miss world, Miss Universe…  

  5. # Blogger sou

    @ autogato - not a camp or retreat ... more like a therapy centre. Heehee.. yeah clarified butter up ur nostrils was a treatment tho I don't see the point of not letting us eat any butter but feeding it to our noses :P

    @ ganesh - beauty competition hahahahhahaaahahahhahaa... and me.. hahahahahahahaaaa......... that was funny! :)  

  6. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    i was super scandalised when i saw nude woemn (that too fat ones) in the swimming pool changin rooms, beaches when i went to europe...

    that was kinda ok, but more grossing out was when i accidently stumbled into a changin room only to discover it was a coed one...

    n its no big deal..they give u weird looks if u cover ur face in embarassment n desperately search for a changin room that has a door!!!  

  7. # Blogger Tweety

    fasted four days at a stretch huh?
    what was that like?  

  8. # Blogger sou

    @ tweety - it was ok.. except the fourth morning I was a bit dizzy.. so the doc said no more fasting for you missy.. (ppl there go on 10-day fasts!)

    the lazy bum that i am, instead of being grateful for all the food i was cribbing about how i had to "chew" them :)  

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