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A Bubble's Song

A bubble round, pretty, and new
Liked colors red, green, and blue
As it made its way across the skies
And came into the web of lies
Touched it did with a baby’s wonder
All the things over and under
They gave it color and it glowed
As a multi-hued bubble it flowed
Till one day it thought, “I say!
There are too many colors in me that play!”
It kept a few and threw some out
Felt lighter, yet a shade of doubt
“I only reflect the colors I see
But what are the true hues of me?
When will I learn to dance alone?”
So thinking, it felt sad and forlorn
Came it did to firelight
Was entranced and stayed the night
The light shone through and helped it see
The beauty of its transparency
“No color in me does not mean I’m empty”
So knowing the bubble was joyful and glee

Such is the simple truth of life
Know thyself and know no strife
Many times we think we know
Forget we continue to learn on the go
May this bubble and its song
Remind us this all life long.

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