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I'm constipated

I swear that has to be it. My life has actually been interesting the past few months. Lot's of things have happened including increased frequency of moments where I feel content. So why haven't I shared and cared? No clue why not... my hands just refused to write what my mind felt and wanted to express. There was some serious brain-hand disconnect. (I've always known I've serious problems with hand-eye coordination... I mean.. I am the only one I know who has accidentally slapped oneself :| but this brain-hand disconnect is new shit.)

So I have taken some serious steps to get back to spewing my stuff out in the open... where it belongs :)

Step 1: I have started blog surfing again. (and here's my first non-post already!)

Step 2: Keeping at it. Please point me to some interesting blogs and posts.. I really think this community thing works.. you go see some blogs where some guy has crapped some interesting thoughts, it makes you think, "hey! I want to crap too!" and before you know it there is a fresh pile of interesting thought poo for all of you :D

Step 3: WIP..

PS -
  • Sorry if I offended anybody's delicate sensibilities with all the shitty imagery and metaphors
  • I don't actually have a problem with the regular kind of constipation :|

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