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I'm constipated

I swear that has to be it. My life has actually been interesting the past few months. Lot's of things have happened including increased frequency of moments where I feel content. So why haven't I shared and cared? No clue why not... my hands just refused to write what my mind felt and wanted to express. There was some serious brain-hand disconnect. (I've always known I've serious problems with hand-eye coordination... I mean.. I am the only one I know who has accidentally slapped oneself :| but this brain-hand disconnect is new shit.)

So I have taken some serious steps to get back to spewing my stuff out in the open... where it belongs :)

Step 1: I have started blog surfing again. (and here's my first non-post already!)

Step 2: Keeping at it. Please point me to some interesting blogs and posts.. I really think this community thing works.. you go see some blogs where some guy has crapped some interesting thoughts, it makes you think, "hey! I want to crap too!" and before you know it there is a fresh pile of interesting thought poo for all of you :D

Step 3: WIP..

PS -
  • Sorry if I offended anybody's delicate sensibilities with all the shitty imagery and metaphors
  • I don't actually have a problem with the regular kind of constipation :|

8 Responses to “I'm constipated”

  1. # Blogger mcx

    yes the shit does get to you, wait or is it shit happens or perhaps shit just hit the fan or shit just has a way of getting in your face or shit makes waves... :) well you did ask for the shitty attempt to reciprocate.

    by way of cosmic coincidences your crap makes me want to create new crap. Ok way to much shit flying around switching imagery.

    Welcome back by the way I was almost worried that I wouldnt have a muse for my new year rant.  

  2. # Blogger plush

    :)..welcome bac..evone's either constipated or shitty...so..yea...wb  

  3. # Blogger Porxster

    you slapped yourself? we have something in common. I got a huge list of those :)  

  4. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    oh shit!

    take isabgol da!

    or worse - a suppository. suppose-u-sit on the pot for too long...that might work too

    thought poo - i like. its a synonym for bull-shit after all ;)  

  5. # Blogger Sujoy Bhattacharjee

    j.krishnamurti, tagore, ann ryand,fantasy, graphic novels,film noir,classics,horror,sci-fi/comedy,martial arts,country,rock-n-roll,pop,rock.....
    such eclectic tastes.
    Not to speak of the cynical language.....nice reading, do post more frequently  

  6. # Blogger Sujoy Bhattacharjee

    Was searching for ppl with an interest in Maupassant....most of them turned out to be French
    In fact Sou sounds French too(are u one?I mean from ur great grand ancestors....kiddin')
    And nice template.  

  7. # Blogger fondfire

    thought poo -- it might be a martial art or a serious meditative discipline. Hahahahah! I am definitely practicing my thought poo . . .  

  8. # Anonymous Jedi

    disconnect is king!  

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