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"OMG! I'm ugly!" *cringe*

"I'm a bloomin genius. People haven't realized my worth yet."

"I'm such a good person. How can they say such things about me?"

"I can't believe I did this.. how can I be so dumb.. how come others haven't realized I'm a moron?"

"I have battled with life and emerged a victor. People need to learn from my example."

"I deserve better. I'm above all this crap. I'm waaay too cool for this."

"hey! I'm looking good. I think I can stare at myself all day. Where's the bloody camera when you need one.."

"Am I a bad person?"


"If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation"

~ J.Krishnamurti

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  1. # Blogger plush

    hmmmmm.....vokey...lovely timing for gyanodaya...
    actually helps..esp when u r busting ur ass off at the workplace on a lovely saturday with the irritating inner voice screaming "what??did u code this??hmm..and to think "they" wanted "you" to be here...of aaalll the ppl...hmph!".
    yes...helps...thank u.  

  2. # Blogger mcx

    The problem with understanding oneself is that it is almost always short lived and very much related to who u are at that point in time. If u wait long enough u will be back where u started. My only understanding from life is this most quests for understanding are just "fillers" placed there to lead us from point a to point b or to distract us from noticing that most of our lives are rail mounted.


  3. # Blogger Jenny


    MCX rocks.  

  4. # Blogger mcx

    thanks Jenny :) Its the coolest thing anyone has ever said about me.


  5. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    r these your thoughts or jiddu unkal's thoughts??

    kan phoosed  

  6. # Blogger sou

    plush - glad the words helped. thanks for pushing me to blog.. i'll def try and post more :)

    mcx - tht's the beauty of life.. don't you think? it allows you one moment of perfect understanding and it also allows you to forget it, imagine how boring our lives would be if we had it all figured out already!

    but yeah i do agree with the filler bit. strategic distractions.

    jenny - he's another sagi after all ;)

    TQ - before the dashed line be my thoughts and after be JK's thoughts  

  7. # Blogger mcx

    At the risk of being pop philosophical on everyone I have to say the only thing it all comes down to is how much you care about absolutely anything at any point of your life. (Thats almost always defines who you are at that point in time). Also in the same breath its when we stop caring that most of us get undeniably lost. In all of the quotes from the original post the person still cares perhaps just a tad too much or little about something, right or wrong as it may be. Does it really matter that much? I guess what I am trying to say is that a lot of people preach that we shouldn't care about this or that or should care more about a different set of this or that, I believe its best to leave each to his or her own choices. conventional wisdom is but the attempt of a fool to sell his own brand of foolishness. That includes the current attempt.

    note: I am just babbling its 2am and I have been watching back to back episodes of Scrubs. I apologize.


  8. # Blogger mcx

    @sou I just realized why i am so addicted to your blog. Feels a bit like JNU. I am forced to state an opinion, make a comment, listen to others comments or opinion or simply to just smile at the absurdities of certain things.

    In the most non gay was possible (well ok maybe a little gay) i must say, i miss my roommate. I miss waking him up at 4am, just before the final exams, and mindlessly rambling about things and topics not even my more literate ancestors had a clue about. I miss the freedom of random words colliding and crashing and sometimes forming ideas. Ideas that were as easily tossed aside and forgotten as the lousy grades their creation resulted in. (for me, not for my roommate because while I slept in to make up for a well earned sleep my roommate dragged the carcass of what remained of him, after lodging with me for almost a year, to class to pick up any pointers on how to find his way to an A while I rummaged through the dumpsters and snuggled int a B.

    sorry rambling again, must sleep, must sleep....


  9. # Blogger Ganesh

    If things are predictable then there is no fun in life.  

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