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try and wrap your pea brain around this one!

..and here you thought I let my life in the real world interfere with my blogging eh? you thought my blog was interesting sometime back but is kinda slow now? oh.. but you were so wrong..

see, hear, understand, absorb the tenth dimension and when you have figured how to articulate words again..

...naah. too much hype. just go watch it. it's gooooooood.

note: please wait for it to load completely before watching it.

10 Responses to “try and wrap your pea brain around this one!”

  1. # Blogger Ganesh

    ohh, String theory .....  

  2. # Blogger fondfire

    Around the break between the fifth and sixth dimensions, I started disputing their account of the dimensional layering. Perhaps it is based on the account of string theory, though I'm not sure about that, as I haven't studied the dumbed-down versions of string theory yet . . . I imagined that a five-dimensional space alone could contain all the possible time lines of all conceivable universes, though. The movie seemed to imagine that that required up to a ten-dimensional space. (There seemed to be a logical problem when they accounted things between the fifth and sixth dimensions where the narator no longer made good sense. Their description of the seventh dimension actually sounded like what I'd imagine as a description of the sixth dimension. And beyond that, I'd say it's entirely speculative as to what could even occur in higher dimensions . . . It sounded like they just kept inventing new categories of divisions between parallel realities, conveniently pulled out of their behinds.) It's very possible that I'm stupid and missed a logically necessary step, or that my lack of knowledge about current theories in advanced physics is the problem, but it all sounded a little fishy to me.

    The problem is that, though we can imagine, and even mathematically entertain, theories about "higher dimensions," it's all just omphaloskeptic hogwash until you've produced a physical phenomena that demonstrates the actual, physical properties of these theoretical dimensions. While I do hope these theories can generate predictions that produce data that can help them make their case (and help us solve problems), I'm not holding my breath, particularly with string theory, which may not be pursuing an actual model of reality that predicts any features of how reality actually is.

    The speculation in this video makes a lot of assumptions about which phenomena could and couldn't actually occur in each dimension. Again, I can't see why a lot of this couldn't all be part of a fifth dimensional space. They kept bringing us to places where, apparently, you had to build a new dimension to explore a new "fracture" between parallel realities. This may actually correspond to string theory in some way, but I am skeptical. If this is an accurate description of what string theory is supposed to describe, I extend my skepticism to string theory.

    Of course, you can't know until the data comes back. So, we just have to wait and see . . . The theory that we count as "most real" is the one making the most accurate predictions. So, can string theory predict anything? We'll see . . .

    In the meantime, I'll continue to try to cram more stuff into my pea brain and see if I can make sense of some of this . . . But this weekend, I'm only cramming in Harry Potter!!!!! So, really important stuff will simply have to wait . . .  

  3. # Blogger fondfire

    Yeah, the reviews on Amazon are mostly about explaining why the book that this web-site advertises is total psuedo-science.

    Sorry, mousya, but I'm afraid you've stumbled onto some cute, but essentially meaningless, New Age garbage . . .  

  4. # Blogger mcx

    Sorry my pea brain is in Potter mode and refuses to allow anything else in. Have decided to read all the potter books backwards. I cant believe its over, i don't know what to do with my life anymore :(. Well hayao miyazaki is always there.


  5. # Anonymous theanalogkid

    @mcx - miyazaki rocks. whats ur fav? i love nausicaa, spirited away n castle in the sky  

  6. # Blogger mcx

    @theanalogkid Saw Laputa "castle in the sky" when I was a kid. Since then have been in love with all of his movies. Love Kikis delivery service, spirited away, Princess Mononoke but fav has to be NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind and Whisper of the Heart(screen writer). Oh special mention Katsuhiro Otomo Akira was also mind blowing in its own way.  

  7. # Blogger sou

    @ ganesh - hi! good to know ur keeping in touch.

    @ fondfire - as usual i have allowed myself to be led by what i would like to believe rather than take a logical approach... but it was fun! :)

    that's why i didn't post anything about how true or accurate it is ;)

    @ mcx - haven't read a single harry potter book.

    @ mcx and kid - whatchuboth talking about? i'm yet to see spirited away :|  

  8. # Blogger mcx

    blasphemous! No Harry potter? Sorry we cant be friends anymore. : )  

  9. # Blogger fondfire

    I see you'd already started detecting the B. S. ;-)

    Yeah, I got a little carried away, as usual. Pseudoscience is a huge pet peeve. What can I say? I think it's because I'd fallen for so much of it in life!


  10. # Blogger plush

    np..didn't see that...will do later...but u reallly hav to start blogging again..way too much gap b/w ur posts...oh and get well sooon u dummy!!  

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