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Something's right with the world today

Wednesday morning. I'm happy. I have no clue why. It could be because:

  • a very close friend is getting married
  • i'm in training (as opposed to working) and doing well
  • i'm going for the aerosmith show
But if I had to be truthful I've had plenty of times in life when I had reasons to be HAPPY but have not really felt like being happy. And there have been times like today when I feel amazing. If life was an MMORPG this would be when the character that plays "you" obtains the happiness bubble. 100 points to you! :)

In my typical style I blame everything on the hormones..

feeling blue? these damn hormones
feeling great? hmm.. must be the hormones
feeling like killing someone? kissing someone? some country was bombed? damn.. these hormones

Kinda makes you think doesn't it? We choose to be blue.. then again maybe its just genetic.

12 Responses to “Something's right with the world today”

  1. # Blogger Naresh

    I feel the same today too, n yaa, v have one reason in common...
    Am going to the Aerosmith show too! :D  

  2. # Blogger mcx

    Cant say the same here, I sat on a pencil and now cant sit down. I have a desk job so not a pleasant situation.

    Personally I blame everything, SRK's acting, my horrible spelling, world wars, global warning, Britney spears, boy bands and my ex-girlfriend on evolution.  

  3. # Anonymous theanalogkid

    hahah.. aerosmith are gonna play something quite contrary to ur blog title..
    something's wrong with the world today.. i dunno wat it is.. blah blah blah..
    we're livin on the edge...  

  4. # Blogger sou

    @ naresh - cool! see you there (not) :p

    @ mcx - ohh.... whyyyy did u sit on a pencil!? (hehee.. that's a nice question to ask somebody!)

    @ kid - thoo.. you took the fun out of the pun i say  

  5. # Blogger autogato

    Aerosmith? Wow! I bet that is going to be an insanely AWESOME show. Where is it going to be?????

    I know, I know. I need to blog soon. I've been out of town - I went to search for a place to live in TEXAS.


  6. # Anonymous jedi

    so how was the concert>  

  7. # Blogger sou

    @ autogato + jedi - yuss yuss it was an awesome show. it started waaaayy too late but it was great once it started. My God Steven Tyler is hot! I never thought I'd say that.. but he is so fit and such a good performer for a 59-yr-old.

    jedi how come you weren't there? not an aerosmith fan?

    It was in Bangalore autogato.. that's where i live :)

    oh and best of luck! hope you find a nice house.  

  8. # Blogger Trauma Queen



    oooh u stole my thots on the hottie!! i said the same lines when i came on teeeeeeeeeveeeeeee


    oh yeah i not only LOOOVED the show i came on teeeeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeeee...where i got to go on n on n on on how HOOOOOOOTTT thaatha tyler is :)


    psst: 'thaatha' in 'Indianese' means grandpa ;) I;m super-amused by the term 'Indianese' ever since I heard my German client use it.  

  9. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    hey whois geting married? someone form the comeng gang?  

  10. # Blogger Lil Yang

    It's the beginning of a manic phase. You'll be claiming to be queen of the nether realms before you know it.  

  11. # Blogger mcx

    Blog, I have run out ways to pretend to be working.  

  12. # Blogger sou

    li'l yang - oh but i am the queen of nether realms ;)

    mcx - oh you poor boy. there you go.. a nice looong post to keep your bosses thinking you're diligent :)  

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