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life updates

my new life is not so conducive for blogging :(

i am:

* working on a new project (quite interesting)
* actively participating in BNP (we were almost 50 of us at the last intervention on sunday! woohoo!)
* making a nonsensical movie for a contest at my workplace (fun!)
* trying to juggle my existence on many planes and failing quite badly.. (sigh)
* listening to coldplay and seeking solace in their gentle melodies (shiver, yellow, spies, trouble, sparks, parachutes)
*posting twice in one day (yay!)

oh happy valentine's day. may you love the world and be loved in return. err..whatever..

20 Responses to “life updates”

  1. # Blogger Jenny

    how many ppl do you think would love you in return for what you truly are... rather than for how good you make them feel about themselves?  

  2. # Anonymous jedi

    nonsensical movie on youtube now?

    i dont want world's love. expect love, expect expectations.  

  3. # Blogger Govind

    It happens to all of us, i got shifted to a new role and that has sort of put blogging on the extinction list for me. but again bad habits and childhood dreams do not die an easy death, they usually stick around till they have seen us of in to our graves . mcx  

  4. # Blogger sou

    @ jenny - actually.. i've experimented in my life with this very thing and i've found it's never always only you being nice and it's never always the world/ppl being truly and fully altruistic in their love for you.

    they go together.. and we can haggle about the percentage of each though :p

    @ jedi - soon soon..

    @ mcx (sorry calling u govind will take some time) - wow. what is this! showoff.. i understand my post triggered a post from you but i don't want your words overshadowing mine.. go away.. post on ur own blog.. shooo...

    ;) j/k. nice words..  

  5. # Blogger plush

    hmm..two posts in 5 min...just keep listening to martin and his boys....:).  

  6. # Blogger Jenny

    they go together? nopes. not always. it does tend to be one sided.  

  7. # Anonymous theanalogkid

    @jen.. u have been set up since ur birth... sth like the truman show..
    or u have not been in the right friend's circle/society watever..  

  8. # Anonymous jenny

    @tak: Uh-oh! Did i just sound like a born cynic? i didn't say love and being loved does not go together 'at all'. I just said 'not always' :)... we live in a selfish world. That you can't deny i'm sure. And 'most-often-than-not' relationships (be it friendships/social circles/boyfriend-girlfriend) does tend to get one-sided.  

  9. # Blogger sou

    jenny.. i don't know.. i guess it is the art of making people need you or.. making people accountable for what you need from them.. i don't know what it is (and i'm certainly not doing a good job of explaining) but ask analog kid how he does it.. he is not especially nice to ppl but still ends up earning respect and admiration and concern from people he considers acquaintances!

    it is about "mattering" to the world more than being nice..  

  10. # Anonymous jenny

    And 'Mattering' to the world probably has little or nothing to do with being nice but more to do with the amount of importance you give and the wit, tact, charm and effective communication skills that go with it.

    Which is why i feel there are always too few people who genuinely love you in return for what you really are ... and even fewer relationships that turn out to be not entirely one-sided.

    "i guess it is the art of making people need you or.. making people accountable for what you need from them"

    Does that account for 'love' in the first place? I thought love stems out of a 'want' more than a 'need' - be it in a friendship or anything.

    (not sounding cynical am I?) :)  

  11. # Blogger mcx

    Don’t have to call me Govind, that’s just blogger it automatically puts my name these days. I do not write my words they write me so I prefer the words to sign themselves. So through my words I am always mcx. (Split personality?) Thank you for your kind words, the reason I haunt your blog is usually because it triggers me to write. You have very beautiful words..


  12. # Blogger mcx

    thats weird it stopped....  

  13. # Blogger sou

    @jenny - ok i'll have to agree with you on that.

    so on one side we have people who love you for who you are (which in itself is a very weird concept.. ) and one the other we have people who love for coz ur nice to them or coz you appeal to them. (but don't you appeal to them coz ur are you?)

    ok gimme ur phone number.. i can't type all the thoughts going through my head :)

    @ mcx - that's two nice things you've said! one that my words inspire yours and that they are beautiful..

    ..on this bleary, sleep-deprived morning such nice things matter a lot. please keep haunting.  

  14. # Blogger fondfire

    You gotta watch out for that bittersweet Coldplay . . .

    I can understand busy. Keep at it!

    Also, I am pricing tickets to y'alls city after theanalogkids provacative offer on auto-g's blog . . . It probably won't be too soon, but I'll be in touch . . .  

  15. # Anonymous theanalogkid

    @fondfire... hahha.. "carrot on a stick" approach seems to be working ;)  

  16. # Blogger autogato

    Yes, please keep at it - keep your strength up. I definitely understand the toll that a stressful/crazy life can take. So make sure to carve out some "sanity time" where ever you can get it. Take care of yourself! We would miss you!  

  17. # Blogger autogato

    This comment has been removed by the author.  

  18. # Blogger fondfire

    @analogkid -- Yes, I suppose I'm relatively suggestable. ;-)  

  19. # Blogger autogato

    Your blogger template is really cool!  

  20. # Blogger sou

    yay fondfire.. come on over i say.. going by how busy you are, looks like you could use a good long holiday! (and I promise we'll take you to the relatively 'cooler' and not so hot and humid places) :)

    autogato.. you reading this? this applies to you too!

    thank you.. i've been wanting to change the top image... hmm.. soon...  

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