:::all things bright and beautiful:::


The marriage of light and dark
Makes the restless soul still, momentary
Out of the transition is born fear and a spark
They consume the helpless and the genius alike.


"OMG! I'm ugly!" *cringe*

"I'm a bloomin genius. People haven't realized my worth yet."

"I'm such a good person. How can they say such things about me?"

"I can't believe I did this.. how can I be so dumb.. how come others haven't realized I'm a moron?"

"I have battled with life and emerged a victor. People need to learn from my example."

"I deserve better. I'm above all this crap. I'm waaay too cool for this."

"hey! I'm looking good. I think I can stare at myself all day. Where's the bloody camera when you need one.."

"Am I a bad person?"


"If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation"

~ J.Krishnamurti

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