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The marriage of light and dark
Makes the restless soul still, momentary
Out of the transition is born fear and a spark
They consume the helpless and the genius alike.

2 Responses to “Twilight”

  1. # Anonymous Subbu

    ya man. these days, i go to sleep around the time i hear the newspaper thrown at the door.confused.  

  2. # Blogger mcx

    I have often dramatically believed myself to be a creature born of Darkness and light. A mutation so disturbingly sane that hypocrisies themselves become the dna of my being.

    So I can relate to the fear and the spark but I am neither helpless nor am I a genius.

    Also most of us are painted grey and yet are told to worship the light and fear the darkness.

    by the way don't know if there is ever a transition as such I feel the marriage of darkness and light is iternal as in neither has existed without so dont have a distinct start or an end. Hence they flow together in to which ever worlds they traverse.


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