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Blank Noise Blogathon!

share. talk. inspire. understand. tell. speak. hear. be heard. narrate. voice. throw open.

When did you flip a situation so you could resist, when did you give back as hard as you got? When and how did you choose to confront? When did you become an Action Hero?

Here's what Shwetha Shenoy, my colleague & an awesome action hero, wants to share:

This is one of the incidents I can never forget!! Coz I was involved.

I travel by bus. As usual I got into a bus n two stops later this gal aged about 22yrs follwed by a middle aged guy got in.. I was sitting. That gal was standing just opposite to me n was busy over phone. I noticed that the guy was standing right behind her n was tryin to touch her!!! I was shocked. Then, thought (1st time) he must ve done that by mistake.. But then, I saw he continued doing the same n the gal din't even notice.. that was all I could take. I shouted at the guy asking him to go behind as there was enough space available. The guy answered back askin me, what my problem was n I had a seat n why his standing in the front was bothering me??!!!! I lost my temper n said, I'm gonna complain about it. Probably he understood/ he didn't understand, I'm not bothered. Coz the guy went back n stood away from that gal. Later he got down before the bus reached the main bus terminal. Else he would've had it!! The gal dint even notice all this happening in the bus!!!

After we (me n that gal) got down, I went n spoke to that gal n asked her to be more careful n keep her eyes open while traveling in the bus.


So where's my story? I'm ashamed to say that I don't have one. All the incidents mostly happened when I was in school. I had no clue that I could yell back or react in a way that would put the bad guy on the defensive. My goal every time it happened was to get away from there as fast as I could. Maybe that's why Blank Noise has had such an impact on me. I'm finally standing up for myself and my space and my rights.

There have been a few small incidents here and there recently and I've found myself more than capable of flipping the situation, but my heart bleeds for that li'l girl I was in the past.

So I'm gonna talk about it and blog about it and share all I can..

..and I'll wish..

I wish more women are not afraid (of men, of society, of being physically weaker)
I wish more women discover their potential and be themselves

To participate:

1. announce the event
2. blog your story
3. email about it and BNP will link you right away!

7 Responses to “Blank Noise Blogathon!”

  1. # Blogger mcx

    I have already told my story once on this blog so no point saying it again. But just as an addition boys too some times go through similar situations or even worse. I think a lot of people have more fear about abusing a girl than a boy. Girls are told at least to be carefull by their mothers, friends.. but for boys i dont think they ever tell anyone if something like this happens to them. Just a thought, not trying to undermine anyone just hoping that you as women perhaps one day would speak to your sons as well about abuse.


  2. # Blogger sou

    ..and again i must urge you to understand that we are not talking about abuse in this post (as in sexual abuse that children go through regardless of their gender)

    BNP is concerned with harassment in public spaces. So do you have any stories of when you where harassed by women in public spaces?  

  3. # Blogger mcx

    : ) well that has never happened. sorry was in weird preaching mood so shot of tangent there. I blame my ulcer it fiddles with my brain these days.


  4. # Blogger autogato

    Wow! This is great! I can't wait to read all of these!

    Hi Sou - check out my blog. I went to YOGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

  5. # Anonymous Jenny

    Heard Jasmine of Blank Noise on the FM this morn. Great going!

    and all the best with 'Walk the Night'  

  6. # Blogger plush

    well...i for one...rmbr the day when i day when i thrust the icecream cone into the *$$%'s face ...he tried to fool around my elder sis and i was definitely not amused.....ye....one double scoop gone but..then...it was all worth it...:).Way to go sou and team...sorry...cldn't be thr...  

  7. # Blogger autogato

    I'm still so excited about the BNP and the great things that y'all do. I want something like that here!

    (went back to yoga, too. - You inspire me in more ways than one).  

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