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films on Sex, Desire, and the Human Nature

I saw shortbus. Yes I did. And I loved it like I knew I would. If you think it is a porn flick… stop watching the movie, don’t lay your hands on it… take a few years time to grow up and mature as an open minded individual and then start watching it.

It is a nice movie with some insightful thoughts and observations. I can only hope we have more of such movies coming out (the insightful observations part not necessarily the free spirited sex part).

The movie (strangely) reminded me of Samsara… another movie with some awesome philosophy and thoughts on the same subject. In my head these two movies form amazing dual-hued arc lights of perceptions on the topic of sex and human nature worth absorbing and exploring. (woo… lack of sleep = dopey lines)

Both are not great movies but their subject and the thoughts they spin are something so basic and fundamental that I’d urge everyone to go watch them.

Go watch them.

7 Responses to “films on Sex, Desire, and the Human Nature”

  1. # Blogger fondfire

    You know, you really make me want to go watch these two alright . . .

    I'll try to find some way to get hold of them and let you know what I think . . . (Probably in another blog comment.)  

  2. # Anonymous theanalogkid

    maybe u will like 'valley of flowers' , the new movie by pan nalin. the same guy who made samsara.. his bio is pretty interesting actually.. :)  

  3. # Anonymous jedi


  4. # Anonymous jedi

    oi. what was the movie for?
    its not bad, major timelapse sequences and all.
    i liked the action choregraphy best :)

    but why this plot?  

  5. # Blogger frissko

    i've seen samsara...parts of it struck a chord..(but liked it mostly for the stunning visuals)..guess i'll give 'shortbus' a shot...  

  6. # Blogger autogato

    Wow, you give some convincing reviews. I want to see these movies, even though I"ve never heard of them.

    And after this week full of work, I need to relax and watch a good movie!!  

  7. # Blogger mcx

    Definitely not a movie for the whole family. Does a lot porn like things with a nonchalant elegance. All I can say is that its an Interesting movie (makes you think about what being an actor truly means), i liked the faces all were refreshing, wont comment on the characters because these are not characters i observe in my daily life but have come across many renditions of the same in other places. The strange thing is I expected it to feel surreal and it didn't. A word to the wise if you are not comfortable watching explicit gay sex scenes not a movie you are going to be comfortable watching. In another sense the charm of the movie is also that it makes all the sex scenes feel the same (cant explain this one properly). Or I may just be a closet bi-sexual.


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