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It’s all about self worth

Everything I feel, everything I say or do are listed as symptoms of a disease. Then who is me?

Between preparing some questions for elected women and some others for kids getting ready to leave school and face the big bad world of work...I have been questioning myself and life some too (so what's new)

So what I’ve been learning lately from life is (apart from the fact that not having a corporate salary sucks) it truly is all about self worth. Your reality, the way you react to yourself and the world, and the way the world reacts to you. It’s all based on self worth.

How much do you think you're worth?

How do you know your self worth?

How do you go about increasing it?
(not false affirmation, validation, or celebrating oneself... I mean I really doubt that working for me)

What will you have to let go of to be happier and stronger as an individual with a healthy amount of self worth?

How do you decide what's a healthy amount of self worth and what is selfishness?

Answers to these seem a little long way off. My hope is I’m atleast asking the right questions.

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