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films on Sex, Desire, and the Human Nature

I saw shortbus. Yes I did. And I loved it like I knew I would. If you think it is a porn flick… stop watching the movie, don’t lay your hands on it… take a few years time to grow up and mature as an open minded individual and then start watching it.

It is a nice movie with some insightful thoughts and observations. I can only hope we have more of such movies coming out (the insightful observations part not necessarily the free spirited sex part).

The movie (strangely) reminded me of Samsara… another movie with some awesome philosophy and thoughts on the same subject. In my head these two movies form amazing dual-hued arc lights of perceptions on the topic of sex and human nature worth absorbing and exploring. (woo… lack of sleep = dopey lines)

Both are not great movies but their subject and the thoughts they spin are something so basic and fundamental that I’d urge everyone to go watch them.

Go watch them.

life updates

my new life is not so conducive for blogging :(

i am:

* working on a new project (quite interesting)
* actively participating in BNP (we were almost 50 of us at the last intervention on sunday! woohoo!)
* making a nonsensical movie for a contest at my workplace (fun!)
* trying to juggle my existence on many planes and failing quite badly.. (sigh)
* listening to coldplay and seeking solace in their gentle melodies (shiver, yellow, spies, trouble, sparks, parachutes)
*posting twice in one day (yay!)

oh happy valentine's day. may you love the world and be loved in return. err..whatever..


even in the bitterest battle it is your touch i crave to give me comfort i seek from all the sharp words crashing on the floor around us.

i can easily imagine telling you all my hatred for the things you've done when securely ensconsed in your arms.

is it just me or do you also feel the love between us, which we constantly bury under layers of transient negative feelings?

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