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for the sake of seeing something different

i know i know.. even i'm sick of coming here and not seeing a new post. the things a well paying job does to you *sigh*

10 Responses to “for the sake of seeing something different”

  1. # Anonymous jedi

    this is so satisfying. u dont need to post now for the rest of the year  

  2. # Blogger autogato

    Well, at least the break between postings is for good reason (productive work - as long as you like your job, of course). Congrats on getting a well-paying job!!!

    (maybe I'll have one one day, too). :)

    We eagerly await your postings. WHen they come they are just so much more special if we've had to wait.

    Okay - that sounded like an ad-campaign for sexual abstinence, didn't it?  

  3. # Anonymous Subbu

    yeah. pls don't dissapoint your avid readers. there's hardly any blog around with genuine infotainment value.  

  4. # Blogger sou

    jedi - i understand the depth of your diappointment with the post.. but what to do sir i need to get paid also..

    autogato - hahaha.. *sulty voice* yeah honey.. isn't it so much better when we've waited a long time? :P

    subbu - wah wah! whatta tagline!

    genuine. infotainment. value.

    soooper! i owe you a Rs2.50 ka ciggie now i shall also have to give you a lighter to go with it! :)  

  5. # Blogger Trauma Queen


  6. # Blogger autogato

    Nice sultry voice. Is your high paying job as a worker on a telephone love-chat line? HA ha ha.  

  7. # Anonymous jedi

    don't u know spitting in public places is an offense now? :D  

  8. # Blogger sou

    oh autogato! if my high paying job was indeed that then my blog would've certainly been more soooooo much more interesting ;)

    jedi - hmm.. you call your blog your home and now it's a public place? make up you mind i say.  

  9. # Anonymous jedi

    who told u that lie. a blog a home? i dont even have a home link on it!
    lies lies lies.  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    And now for something completely different!

    <sou slaps fondfire with a fish>


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