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back in the land of the living dead

was sick for a bit. back now. tagged by the kid.

9 fav scenes in no particular order.

1. 8 mm - Nicholas Cage has just bludgeoned the bad guy to pulp using the butt of a pistol and he comes home, sees his infant son sleeping like an angel and he can't deal with the sudden beauty of it and just breaks down.. bawling.

2. pink floyd the wall - This boy goes to the play area in a park and watches a dad play with his son. He yearns for the touch of a father. He also joins in the play and pretends for a while that he is his father. Finally when the father is leaving with his son.. the boy runs up to him and holds his hand and is repeatedly pushed away.

3. before sunset - the scene in the car where they finally strip away all the niceties and their souls communicate the anguish, regrets, anger.. has a natural and spontaneous feel to it...superb acting. Oh and the ending.

4. amistad - final court scene

5. 1947: earth (hindi) - final scene with nandita das being dragged and aamir shown with a grin.

6. kung fu hustle - the buddha cloud in the climax :) oh and the intial dance .

7. viruddh ( hindi) - the scene in the park where Amithab (who has recently lost his son) sees the laughter club ppl and makes a pathetic attempt to join them bleats out "ho ho ho.. ho ho ho.."

8. the truman show - climax.

9. notting hill - the laaaaaast scene with her lying on his lap in the park.. somehow have always felt that made the most perfect picture of a happy, contented life.

Just realized that i'm so not attached to scenes in movies.. these are just random scenes that floated into my brain when writing this post.. i'm sure if i wrote it yesterday or tomorrow you'd be reading a totally different list.

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  1. # Anonymous theanalogkid

    i too love 2,3 6 and 9.
    kinda like "empty spaces" part in the wall better though. and also in "before sunset", i like the climax better. celine moving to "just in time" by nina simone..

    Celine: Baby, you are gonna miss that plane.
    Jesse: I know.

  2. # Blogger mcx

    1) Sleepless in Seattle – Tom hanks on the call-in radio counseling thingamajig “Well, I'm gonna get out of bed every morning... breath in and out all day long. Then, after a while I won't have to remind myself
    to get out of bed every morning and breath in and out... and, then after a while, I won't have to think about how I had it great and perfect for a while.”

    2) Gladiator – Russell Crow standing in coliseum fading in and out of reality and memory.

    3) To Kill a mocking bird - Gregory Peck standing guard outside the prison because he suspects that a mob might try to lynch tom.

    4) Philadelphia – Ton hanks dance where he describes his favorite opera

    5) Rocky 1 – The scene where balboa tells Paulie why he like Adrian “I dunno... she fills gaps

    6) Kaze no tani no Naushika (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Winds) the scene where she goes in to the wastelands

    7) Lady and the Tramp – the noodle sharing

    8) Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back- Han solo as he is revived from the “Frozen thingy” blind he is pushed in to a cell with Chewbacca. Great scene

    9)Crash – The starting lines of the movie

    10)I don’t have the heart to close this too many movies too many lines, too many moments… I love them all. I absolutely love them all!

    11)Wizard of OZ

    12)Kumar and Harold go to White castle the cheetah scenes

    13)A Chinese ghost story 1 – the scene in the tub (stop smiling not that kind of scene I have separate list of those)

    14)All of Stephen chows movies

    15) All of Matthew Perry movies

    16) Must stop…

    17)All Hayao miyazaki movies

    18) Akira  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Welcome back Sou...hope you are feeling fine now.  

  4. # Blogger mcx

    sorry but had to add that for notting hill the best scene for me was the one with "Aint no sunshine when she is gone" in background. Beautifully captured ohh and last samurai was good, as was an officer and a gentleman, great escape, guns of navarone, Prject A, A shop around the corner, Joe and the volcanoe, Battries not included, Everafter, Clerks, Ghostbusters, all of Tim burton movies, The Princess Bride, Nacho Libre, Seven Years In Tibet,
    Kiki's Delivery Service, Laputa, Madagascar, sin city.... HELP!!  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    hmmm, what's up with all the park scenes? You just love the park don't you.  

  6. # Blogger autogato

    Apparently I need to watch some more movies. I haven't seem most of these movies!

    And for some reason, when I watch them, I don't remember them too well. Hmmm.

    I did see "The March of the Penguins" recently. It was good! I never knew that stuff about penguins!  

  7. # Blogger sou

    @ kid - oh yeah.. i felt like cryin out in frustration when 'before sunset' ended and i think i lived in that movie for quite sometime after..

    @ mcx - aaarghh a movie monster! in the name of the holy father or whichever god you don't believe in.. stand back, breathe, and repeat after me.. "they are just movies.. just thoughts projected on a screen"


    hmm.. but you have piqued my interest in a few movies i hadn't heard of.. so they're goin straight on my "to watch" list.

    @ tweety - thanks! almost normal now.

    @ li'l yang - ha! i thought somebody will catch a pattern that i noticed.. but u saw a different one..

    parks = 3 movies

    parent child = 3 (4 if you count the fact that julia roberts is preg in the notting hill scene)


    @ autogato - yeah i watch a LOT of movies!
    march of the penguins.. hmm.. i keep getting the mental image of happy feet (the penguin animation movie..)  

  8. # Blogger mcx

    March of the penguins of the penguins is documentrish with Morgan Freeman doing the english voice over and Amitabh doing the hindi. It is supposedly excellent.

    @sou I know they are just movies but I love them all so much that it sometime worries me i might yet become a peter pan. That reminds me city of angels, Airplane, Warriors of Zu mountain the 80's version, all most all movies based on the Arthurian legend and most Johnny Depp movies, Brotherhood of the wolf....

    Help!Must stop!: ) Good God I need a life.  

  9. # Blogger plush

    robin williams in patch adams with the red nose...:)..nice.
    tom hanks in the "joe...joe.." scene of castaway...:(...he should hav tied it to the boat...*sniff*
    will smith's expression on seeing himself allergic in hitch...:D...oh and the scene where he knocks mendes off the waterski or votevr it is...heehee..
    donke in shrek...everything abt donkee...:))...
    oye..sou..u better now?  

  10. # Blogger sou

    i hereby nominate mcx for the crazy movie monster award! and i'll probably give him the award too.. only if he promises to stop! ha! :p

    @ plush - hello there! been to ur blog but haven't commented yet. u've got a different writing style.. am waiting for more posts. am doing good now. thanks.

    err.. isn't that william? the football companion thingie i mean. i thought it was william.

    hahaa.. donkee is right! i love the way he pronounces that. donkee. :)  

  11. # Blogger autogato

    Donkey in Shrek:

    "I like that boulder. That's a niiiiiiice boulder."

    And the donkey scene out of Clerks II. Holy crap, I laughed till I cried.  

  12. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    why do i see
    !--if !supportEmptyParas etc tec
    in ur posts?

    wvc: vatdo: vat to do??  

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