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Two Books

God's Debris ~ Scott Adams (creator of dilbert)

100 odd pages. two people meet. minimal text. he talks about a whole lot of topics that lie in between science and philosophy and gives it his spin. could be renamed 'life the universe and everything' (sorry mr.douglas adams but his book deserves the title more than yours). good mind exercise.. if not, it's good fodder for criticism. i (ofcourse) loved it.

Hope for the Flowers ~ Trina Paulus

i don't even know how many pages.. (i was so caught up) but really, not that many pages. you should read it aloud. this book is dr.suess for adults (not to say dr.suess wrote only for kids). simple story of two caterpillars, stripe and yellow. lots of illustrations that are so good they do funny things to your heart. again, minimal text. planning to buy 5 copies.

go read.

6 Responses to “Two Books”

  1. # Anonymous jedi

    5 copies? another crazy idea? :)  

  2. # Blogger autogato

    Hm. Will have to go on my list of things to read. Scott Adams is pretty friggin brilliant.  

  3. # Blogger sou

    not a crazy idea just a wish to gift the book to ppl who'll appreciate it.

    yeah scott adams rocks!  

  4. # Anonymous jedi

    tell u what. why not pilfer all available SA cartoons online, print them, xerox them, make layout, make a book of recycled cardboard, put the xeroxes in, customize colors as per person being given to.
    it involves stealing, creativity, glue, and supersmiles. and hard work.

    but then today people are more than happy to get something readymade. pretalife.

    but make atleast one. for that special one (or two :D). let them make one in return to win this.
    im going back to sleep. tata  

  5. # Blogger autogato

    That actually sounds like fun.  

  6. # Blogger phreakv6

    chk this out..
    scott adams got his voice back today. he had lost it 18 months back because of spasmodic dysphonia..

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