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Oh, so this is what's called trekking!

background info: trek to kumaraparvata

base - lodge

mid point - Bhattara maNe (cook's house)

3/4 way point - mantapa (small four pillared stone structure with just a roof and no walls..)

peak - peak


night 1 - bad traffic > reached bus station > sleepless bus journey

day 1

morning - common dorm hall > community brushing > sad B'fast > very tiring almost non-stop climb > LEEECHES!!!! > backpacks growing heavier with each step

noon - awesome lunch (coz we were so hungry we could've and would've eaten anything > b.a.s.i.c accommodation > wrestle with huge spiders in the loo

afternoon -

3:15pm ... waiting for time to pass

4:15 ... more of the same

5:00 - aha! lets explore!

5:45 - come back drenched in rain :|

6:00 - ...waiting for time to pass *sigh*

night 2 - dinner > make plans to quit and seek luxury of lodge rooms at the base > try to sleep on hard cold floor

day 2

morning - get woken up at 5 am with the sounds of rain.. big rain! > confirm plans of quitting and go back to sleep > change plans > trek to mantapa :)

noon - climb back down > starts raining > slip and fall about 7 times > trek back to Bhattara mane slowly in the rain

afternoon - more same lunch > leave for base > ..any guesses? no?.. why more RAIN of course! > trekking in the rain + bags getting really heavy coz of rain > more leeches (note the lack of emphasis…they are pretty common place now :p) > realize we've trekked half way thru very fast! yay! > keep plodding on > and on > and on..> lose all hope of ever reaching the base

evening - in.. the.. lodge.. bath.. can't.. move.. ugh!

night 3 - pack bags > walk to find bus station > another sleepless journey


So in conclusion,

tough weather + leeches + heavy bags + low energy = tuck your tail and run!

..or conquer it and grit your teeth and smile at the guy who came up with the saying that 'trekking builds character'!

P.S. - it was fun! (in a perverse way but.. fun!)

10 Responses to “Oh, so this is what's called trekking!”

  1. # Blogger phreakv6

    cant beleive you could blog it so soon.. i've built way too much character in a single trek than any of the earlier ones. :p .. leeches, rain in torrents, cold winds, bad terrain nothing can take away the bliss of being above the clouds for 2 days.. missssss my clouds.. waaaaaah  

  2. # Blogger devsan

    Tough luck. But after this, I guess you can handle anything. I'd recommend another trek to Kumaraparvatha... under calmer conditions. :-)

  3. # Anonymous jedi

    why the crib abt the rain. treks are no fun without rain! tis the season.
    p.s. did u kill any leeches?  

  4. # Blogger autogato

    That sounds so fun! Trekking! Wow.
    This is the second posting I've read that mentioned "leeches" in the last five minutes. No kidding.  

  5. # Blogger sou

    @ phreak - yaaa.. i miss the clouds and the leeches and the rain and the mountain.. ok maybe not the leeches.

    @ dev - you bet i'm gonna go there again! oh yes! i feel like i can def consider myself a semi-serious-trekker now.

    @ jedi - u weren't there so shoo.. yeah i did try and kill a few. you can never tell with leeches if they're dead or pretending.

    @ autogato - oh more ppl writing about leeches huh? damn i should stop giving them slimy beings so much blog coverage and fame! :p  

  6. # Blogger phreakv6

    @autogato - i think you are talking about the poem on my blog abt leeches. its not a coincidence.. :-)  

  7. # Blogger Oz

    beautiful pics !  

  8. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    hmmm sounds like a trek i would never go for
    or would die to go for ;)  

  9. # Anonymous Prakhar

    Why you would trek in the first place is beyond me?! When ideally, you should be in the house or kitchen, slaving away for the betterment of "man"kind. Remember the CWC course - Cook, Wash, Clean!  

  10. # Blogger sou

    @ oz - yeah aren't they just! they're as awesome as the lovely posts you wrote abt your bike trip to ladakh.

    @ tq - oh i seriously doubt you would've enjoyed it.

    @ prakhar - hello you! still desperately trying to provoke ppl into giving you attention i see.. guess somethings will never change :)  

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