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Not paranoia

I accessed my blog yesterday night to find that there was a new post. No, not a new comment, a new post! Unless I suffer from schizophrenia I'm pretty certain it wasn't me who published the post you can see below. I haven't deleted it because I want to know what happened.

Did somebody figure out my password!? Unlikely coz I have an alphanumeric password that has nothing to do with my personal life.

Did some blogger script post this? Possible.. I dunno.. I'm no techie.

Did the universal consciousness pick up on the fact that I'm tired with my routine so is giving me a sign that I should go join Google? hmm...

What should I do now? Just forget that my blog was invaded and move on? :|

7 Responses to “Not paranoia”

  1. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    iver herd of spamming, but this is positivley weeeird
    do you find this listed in your blogger dashboard???  

  2. # Blogger Hyperbole

    Hey, good to know that you have outsourced this one too!  

  3. # Blogger sou

    tq- yeah... I don't know whether to laugh it off or to feel indignant at the violation

    hyperbole - grrrr....  

  4. # Blogger autogato

    That's funny - outsourcing your blog posting. HA HA.

    Hm. It certainly is strange. It might help to know that Blogger is a subsidiary of Google (what isn't these days, you know?). Since Blogger is part of the giant Google company, maybe Google has decided to start putting free ads for itself on people's blogs. That IS strange, though.  

  5. # Blogger Hyperbole

    You do have a BlogThis button sometimes sitting on your browser. A click on that button on the Google Homepage will ship the contents to your blog, provided you are logged in everywhere :-)  

  6. # Blogger autogato

    Hm. That is also a possibility!  

  7. # Blogger sou

    yeah.. I'd like to believe that is what happened. Thanks hyperbole.  

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